EXERCISE MYTH #1: All Calories Are Equal, Counting Calories, and What to Focus On

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


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23 Responses to “EXERCISE MYTH #1: All Calories Are Equal, Counting Calories, and What to Focus On”
  1. skysands2008 says:

    Omar do you recomend protien powders? and what is the best
    because i heard that it caused cancer and stuff…but if you use one i will use it.
    what is the best?

  2. 2TheGuy2 says:

    why are you so afraid of insulin? Do you realize that protein spikes insulin just like sugar? Insulin is not something any natural bodybuilder or dieter needs to worry about

  3. mrmee1229 says:

    you think its better to just focus more on what kinds of foods your eating..for example u wanna get bigger eat alot more of the good shit..lose some fat eat less of the good shit?

  4. mphello says:

    I LIKE counting calories and over-analyzing things – but for ENTIRELY different reasons than my personal health. To me, diet makes practically no difference on my health, anyway.

    *I*’m interesting in the cost of growing food and how to create proteins WITHOUT breeding and killing animals. I am a proud biotech nut!

    I don’t even TRY to exercise, although I MAY be doing a LOT more of it, since I bought a bike and intend to give up my car because of peak oil.

  5. Ge4rsofWar says:

    i have a question i know that not every calorie you burn is fat but it must have some benefit to do so, i mea nits first the carbs you burn, and then the fat etc but when your not burning the fat it still must have some sort of benefit right?

  6. skullkiller123 says:

    The current work out im on his so hard, im trying to cut body fat at 245 pounds, dont get me wrong im not fatass im 6ft 3″ tall im stocky build but i find it hard to count or eat right, im not doing tons of diffrent work outs im just lifting heavey for 1 hour 5 days a week. Hopefully i can cut the bf and build lean muscle. Any advice omar?

  7. wrusst says:

    @OmarIsuf thanks for the reply

  8. uhavemooface says:

    It depends on your body weight though not everyone is the same. If your a fat guy then you should be burning a lot more then taking in. I am sure when you are fat that you are burning a lot more then someone who is skinny. I agree with the fact that counting calories is bull shit and I don’t count calories. I like the way my clothes are fitting though. Which is much better then looking at the stupid scale.

  9. emouch1 says:

    wait… there is something called “the universal law of energy preservation”. This means that energy cannot be lost, it just changes form. if you eat 1000 EXCESS calories from protein every day, you will gain fat, same with any food.

  10. OmarIsuf says:

    @wrusst I hear what you are saying, but did you see the end of the video? I said establishing a baseline is what I recommend and practice but counting 1833 vs 1834 makes no sense. I agree with your statement and said the same thing ;). And the sweetener is for artificial sources like Splenda (not Stevia), that craving will make you eat poorer food choices: fact.

  11. rerereremixxx says:

    haha u said 90 perCHENT haha

  12. OmarIsuf says:

    @watermelonbebe3 Well I have a free female weight loss program on this channel and my other channel (link on channel)

  13. watermelonbebe3 says:

    Do you recommend any certain workout program? Or what would be ideal in your opinion?

  14. OmarIsuf says:

    @nextVTgenerati0n Fancy way of saying you want to see me shirtless working out. Well because you asked so nicely, sure. As I said, I’m closing in on the final six weeks of the transformation I’ve been doing (gained 35 pounds of fat from Oct.-May., losing it to put out another fat loss program). As you said, PATHOS for my LOGOS. OH SNAP

  15. OmarIsuf says:

    @watermelonbebe3 I think its better than NOTHING but not awesome. Mediocre is the word

  16. watermelonbebe3 says:

    First I want to say you are suppppa sexy! Second..have you tried p90x? What are your opinions about it?

  17. AtoZyzzyva says:

    Do moderate cardio for 15-30 minutes either in the morning before eating at all (water only) or after your resistance training as that is when glycogen stores are low and therefore fat will be targeted much more for energy = fat loss.

  18. Demicron says:

    I majorly round down on burned calories and then subtract 1/10 of the total.

  19. wrusst says:

    I will stop counting calories eat that 3000 calorie pizza and run for 30 mins and burn 250 calories you can not out work a bad diet and the sweetner thing is wrong it will spike your insulin but it cant store what you dont have dont get me wrong you will be craving like mad but not all sweetner spikes insulin

  20. nextVTgenerati0n says:

    you need to record a video showing off your muscles and how many weights you bang to establish PATHOS to your LOGOS.

  21. lexyw1988 says:

    @Ge4rsofWar try googling scoobys workshop or look for scoobys videos on here coz he shows you how to roughly calculate ur body fat %.

    Sorry to omar btw for plugging another fitness (is coach the right word) no disrespect m8 keep up the good work

  22. ThebigHurtt says:

    Word ,THANKS for youre vid man !

  23. Ge4rsofWar says:

    omar do you know a ”calculating” method of how to calculate my Body fat
    cause scales are inacurate and i cant do one of those expenisve pod bot or something tests
    so do you know a whay like ”take your waist mesurements and multiply it with… etc”


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