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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Beauty Mantra – How to Get Glowing Shiny Skin – Mind Body Soul. In this episode of ‘Beauty Mantra’ Divya talks about microderma abrasion, an exfoliating technique that gives a fine and polished look to the skin. She tells in detail how skin is given that shining glow. Care World’s ‘Beauty Mantra’ is a show for every woman who wants to look beautiful by enhancing her looks by way of home remedies rather than opting for temporary cosmetic solutions. The host, Dr. Divya Mangal, takes the audiences through the pros of using home remedies for solving skin and hair problems and the cons of using cosmetic products that may lead to various problems in the long term. Worth a dekko for women who believe in staying beautiful, the natural way! Log on to watch more beauty, health & Yoga tips.Log on to watch more beauty, health & Yoga tips.

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25 Responses to “Beauty Mantra – How to Get Glowing Shiny Skin – Mind Body Soul”
  1. janinaliciousm says:

    I dont understand any WORD !!!!

  2. annukapur says:

    @consolemaster yeh i agreee

  3. consolemaster says:

    She’s talking Hinglish. All I know am attracted to is her looks. LOL

  4. Xlolita89X says:

    subtitles would be very useful.

  5. butterfly906604 says:

    love ya!

  6. DREAMBIGGGG says:

    @carmenjones411 ahahahaha

  7. carmenjones411 says:

    Chile I had to look outside my window and make sure I wasn’t in India! FOOLISHNESS!

  8. ValleyGurlFrmHell says:

    I wanted to understand this but seriously couldn’t T_T.

  9. ninja7894561230 says:

    @halomaster366 exactly what i was thinking

  10. xxVampirePenguinxx says:

    This is a very stupid thing. Please never post another video.

  11. sweetpeaxo31 says:

    why are there english words in this and the others i do not comprehend? wtf kinda language is that?!?

  12. halomaster366 says:


  13. TheRealBlackHair says:

    Why would you want glowing shiny skin?
    I like mat skin with No shininess at all.
    Whats wrong with women today.
    They look like skinny plastic aliens.
    Remember Victorian women?
    Fuck me they were beautiful and had bodies.
    Today women look like death camp survivors.
    And they think this is beautiful and normal.
    Can anyone point me to the granny room please?
    Wrinkly, chubby and as hairy as a monkey.

  14. jakeycoe says:

    Gotcha. Soap and Water! 🙂

  15. diya777 says:

    hate the attitude which the interviewer shows.. too much yaar.. cant she talk in a normal pace/ manner.n that pathetic hinglish..baabpre :P.. ohterws a gud job

  16. yunarikku2723 says:

    @thecure4burton yeah they are speaking hindi mixed with english.

  17. yunarikku2723 says:


  18. MrNickWright says:

    I have to sandblast my skin and cover it in diamonds? Exfoliate with crabs?

  19. trioptimumscapes says:

    sand blasting……lol. thats all I got

  20. ITakeDaPiss says:

    i no understandings what talking about

  21. trueleroix says:

    I confoose.

  22. joliecheveuxetmoi says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hshshshshshshaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahah

  23. flyingscience says:

    combining the con of beauty products with the con of religion = you’ve been double coned .

  24. CptSmokeAlot says:

    Ahh this must be Hinglish!

  25. CptSmokeAlot says:

    When I tried to have the captions on the only thing it was showing was ?????????invasive??? It’s????

    Not really there are not captions for this. But for real doe I use this for my balls and they are shinier than ever.

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