WOMEN- How to TRAIN For Your BODY Type to MAXIMIZE Sexiness (Seriously)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


[FACEBOOK- Best WAY TO CONNECT]- www.facebook.com [TWITTER]- twitter.com FREE FEMALE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM- www.divineinnotime.com [WEBSITE] http [SEE ALL MY VIDEOS] omarisuf.com [MY OTHER FITNESS CHANNEL] www.youtube.com [LET ME BE YOUR TRAINER] omarisuf.com Ladies a much better photo is here: women-health-info.com Frustrated with your body? Do you wish you could just swap your body for another one? There are many different body types, but the primary types are apples, pears, hour glasses and pencils. Lets give some QUICK advice for each of these body types. An apple stores bodyfat in both their stomach and legs. The extra fat in your stomach could indicate too much stress. I’d avoid excessive core work, focus on full body circuits with VERY little rest. As your fitness guru I order you to skip 10 minutes a day, EVERY DAY. A pear stores fat primarily in their legs. I’d eliminate running as you need something more intense! You need to convert your muscle fibres to more FAST TWITCH units. Wake up in the morning to fifty burpees, if you can’t do fifty start at ten and add one a day. Hour glasses store fat in the hips and back. This means to mean you eat too many carbs, eat fewer carbs and stop drinking a lot of alcohol. Focus more training all muscle groups evenly. Full body strength work outs with less than fifteen reps should be done 2-3 times per week WITH full body circuits done 2-3 in addition. Pencils, are thin but without definition, and as a result. Pencils need to

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25 Responses to “WOMEN- How to TRAIN For Your BODY Type to MAXIMIZE Sexiness (Seriously)”
  1. RaniPriya78 says:

    Hypothyroid (under active thyroid) and pear shaped…Specific videos pweeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

  2. KnightmaerEXODUS says:

    Hourglass, please!

  3. imperfectionKillz says:

    Hourglass/Pear combo!

  4. tiggerlily7 says:

    @sexychefbuff THANK YOU!! I have been watching your videos and have started some training based on your information :))

  5. makemeover365 says:

    would love for you to make a video for apple shapes. I have this shape and I find it’s the least feminine shape of them all.

  6. yvette800 says:

    make a video for pear shape ladies thanks :o)

  7. kb83ful says:

    I’m a hourglass pear combo like Kim K. What’s your advice for me bro?

  8. mplusm29 says:

    Please make a video for pear shape

  9. JMIME45 says:

    I love using bands

  10. ketaneha says:

    for pearshapes pls

  11. lolw2 says:

    Thanks for another Awesome video Omar! K, I’m almost thin all around and can use some definition and toning. I’m only 5 feet tall so don’t want to look short and stubby. What kind of exercise should I focus on? I think my thighs are big, but just my opinion .should I stop elliptical and running? I guess can use some butt maximizing routines, arms, shoulders. What about core? Too much focus on abs will thicken my skin? I want a nice define ab? How? 106lb. 5 ft. Ty!

  12. rakel2485 says:

    so what type of body do u think i have.?????..I had my second baby about 8 months ago… but i still have a bulge on my stomach, now I know this is natural and it’s eventually gonna go away…But the real problem is my legs, my hips and my arms..my arms are wide and that makes me look wider than hips and tights..i want to fix that… but my legs.., I mean i have no muscle what so ever..i want lean sexy legs not tooth pick legs…what do u recommend???? thanks cutie!!!

  13. msniekababy says:

    im a pencil lol

  14. ninamidnight says:

    yes more videos about body types! thx*

  15. ClaireDeNicole says:

    my thighs! I do squats and lunges, and I run, but all its done is get rid of my J-Lo booty and not my thunder thighs! am i just not doing enough??

  16. MissSugarize says:

    sorry but you leave no questions unanswered to me 😉 … so its DEFINITELY a statement!

  17. sexychefbuff says:

    @MissSugarize Wait is that a question or statement…either way I’ll take it 😉

  18. sexychefbuff says:

    @tiggerlily7 For sure, I’ll film a work out, ladies it’ll take me a couple weeks though, so patience! One thing to note is the MOST IMPORTANT part of what I said at the end. Specialization at this level is only extremely important when you have five-ten pounds to lose MAXIMUM. In other words, if you are just a couple pounds from stepping on the beach, this will really help, otherwise my normal programming is totally fine!

  19. whostolecarlosrox says:

    I’m a guy yet I’m enjoying these videos! I don’t give a FUUUUUUUUUUEEECK!

  20. Rosemoon78 says:

    specific videos please! 🙂 Pear shaped

  21. ARTyen88 says:

    I need advice on metabolism :'{ , I’ve been trying the ‘starving diet’ for years now and i am scared that if i eat rite my metabolism wont be able to handle it and i’ll balloon up (after years of abuse on my metabolism). so where should i start ChefBuff? huhu….

  22. WikidLovely says:

    DEFO a spacific vid about apple shape! Even in photos from when I was age 11 til about 16, when I was thin as HELL, I have them lil ‘love handles’ going on! (I always ate like crap…) I’m thin-ish now and working through all your advice, but this bellyflub gots to go!! xx

  23. WikidLovely says:

    YES! You’re awesome, thank you! 🙂

  24. tiggerlily7 says:

    Please make specific videos of each body type! I am an hourglass and JUST starting to excercise, so have alot to do yet but have no IDEA where to start! Please help!!

  25. MissSugarize says:


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