Top 3 SECRET Reasons Women Can’t Lose Weight

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Ask your questions on FB (ONLY way)- Follow on Twitter- FREE FEMALE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM- [WEBSITE] http [SEE ALL MY VIDEOS] [MY OTHER FITNESS CHANNEL] [FACEBOOK] [TWITTER] [FREE MALE FAT LOSS] [FREE FEMALE FAT LOSS] http [WEAR MY CLOTHES] Weight loss can be a bitch. And we don’t like bitches. Besides sabotaging your diet and just NOT working out, if you are actually working out, eating your greens and still can’t lose weight, this video is for you. Here are the three most probable reasons why consistently working out is NOT producing results for you. You Aren’t Fit Enough How do you lose weight? By forcing your body to adapt to new challenges. If your work outs are getting more intense, every single week, you are doing something right, just give it time. For complete beginners, usually the first 8 weeks are just spent getting the body fit enough to lose weight. How do you know if you are fit enough to effectively lose weight? Well as a standard rule, you should be able to do 50 burpees. I’m in my house, I’m not going to demonstrate this exercise. If you can do less than 50 burpees in 2 mins, you are at adequate fitness level to lose weight effectively. If not, better keep busting ass. Your metabolism is wrecked Have you crash dieted before? Have you been known to binge sometimes and starve at others? Would you say you

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16 Responses to “Top 3 SECRET Reasons Women Can’t Lose Weight”
  1. sexychefbuff says:

    @gizzie121 This is awesome, very glad to hear this!

  2. gizzie121 says:

    You are SPOT on with protein, green veg, good fats and right amount of carbs. I’ve got diagnosed CAH, PCOS and underactive thyroid but meds make me really ill. I ate in the way you described, exercised 60 mins a day and lost 56 lbs over 6 to 9 months and have kept it off for over 2 years. BUT, I have another 28 lbs to go and it’s stuck. Why, because I stopped eating CONSISTENTLY!!!! Back to square one. Thanks mate 🙂

  3. Madinalicious says:

    @ClaireDeNicole I hate to say this as a former vegan (and I want to be vegan again) – but vegetables are so boring. I know they were “fun” when I was vegan, bc I would only eat vegan and anything I ate tasted great cuz when you’re vegan you learn what it means to be hungry again. What do you eat when you’re really hungry? I really like hot, wholesome foods. (think thai food as a good vegan food…but i cant go there all the time) what do you eat specifically? how do you prepare it? thank you!!

  4. blueberryGIRL1988 says:

    girls..just please stop crying and move from a sofa to the gym. and do it for yourself,not for others.

  5. sexychefbuff says:

    @Madinalicious skinny without muscle tone? you’ll have to clarify what thin means to YOU its objective. for starters, in order to preserve your metabolism I’d start eating much more protein, more frequent meals spaced out and a hell of a lot more vegetables, green in particular. For further questions just ask on my fb page

  6. Madinalicious says:

    Basically, I want to know how I can be SKINNY outside of the skinny bitch / vegan method…cuz apparently that wasn’t sustainable. or maybe i need to take b12 shots? i dont know….but i must be skinny to be happy…not b/c i think skinny is better, but bc i feel LIGHT and AIRY, and happy, and strong.. 🙂

  7. Madinalicious says:

    Being a vegan really helped me lose weight! (But after a year and a half…i started getting foggy….vitamin B12 deficiency? — but it WILL make you skinny — the book Skinny Bitch is what I read principally. (fruit for breakfast, couscous or whatever+ vegetables for lunch, and dinner maybe rice and beans (even though this sounds heavy — since i had no butter or heavy sauces in my diet, i lost much weight. and of course this is just an example, not what i ate everyday)

  8. JayBumbay says:


  9. OmarIsuf says:

    @Cornampoo Bingo

  10. Cornampoo says:

    @stdnt2011 do NOT cut out animal flesh, eggs and milk! Where else are you going to get your protein, nuts?!

  11. OmarIsuf says:

    @Downtownpatrol You will not if you do it right, I’d slowly reintroduce your calories week by week (by about 50) and be CONSISTENT 🙂

  12. ClaireDeNicole says:

    Yeah ladies, when I started eating when I was hungry and making sure i was eating those three servings of fruit and veggies each a day and the protein my workouts were more successful and I felt MUCH better. and even if the number on the scale isnt going down as quickly as youd like, your body can look immensly different at a fit 160 compared to a flabby 160!!

  13. GiselleBellyDancer says:

    Less Carbs = flat belly
    lots of Cardio = sexy body
    it works for me 😉

  14. stdnt2011 says:

    @Downtownpatrol yes it is possible. To make it inevitable, eat fruit (berries, melons and any fresh fruit) exclusively, as much as you want. No animal flesh, no milk or milk products, no eggs. just fresh fruit…as much you want, as often as you want. If you No beans or grains. Remember, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocados are all fruits. Sprouted alfalfa and salad greens are okay. Best all fruit. Of course you can do it. You deserve optimal health and the body of your dreams. It is within reach.

  15. Downtownpatrol says:

    is it possible to not gain weight when you’ve been starving your body? (i’m a healthy weight) and my eating habits have been the whole starve/binge cycle for the last 4/5 years
    i’m scared that i’ll gain everything back

  16. burbuliukai says:

    Massive amounts of sexual activities 😉

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