NSD Powerball – How To Start The NSD Powerball Gyroscope With Thumb

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Visit www.PowerBallnsd.com For All Powerball Reviews. And For The Best Place To Buy Your NSD Powerball Gyroscopes, Visit www.PowerBallnsd.com ======================================== This video shows you “how to start the NSD Powerball Gyroscope with a thumb” and while I was at it I also tried to break The Powerball World Record…(lol!)…not, just kidding 🙂 I’ve actually been practicing for just a few days, but I really think you should learn how to start the nsd powerball gyroscope with your thumb as soon as possible – after you’ve figured out how to keep it going of course – as it saves you time and it just looks so much better. Enjoy my “NSD Powerball – How To Start The NSD Powerball Gyroscope With Thumb” video…and…try not to laugh 😛 Please also rate my “NSD Powerball – How To Start The NSD Powerball Gyroscope With Thumb” video and feel free to leave a comment or if you’ve purchased your NSD Powerball at The Powerball Shop, please tell us how it went. We’d love to hear from you 🙂 Thanks! Robert The Powerball Shop www.PowerBallnsd.com

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25 Responses to “NSD Powerball – How To Start The NSD Powerball Gyroscope With Thumb”
  1. goodcommentguy says:

    @xjustapersonX – wow, I just bought my powerball and I had the same problem as you. five minutes ago, though, I actually got it going. It’s probably something about your hand motion. I would recommend you to try different directions, speed, and such with your hand when your trying to get it up to speed and eventually you’ll get one that works. Good luck!

  2. bluesmoke21 says:

    I had no ideea what a powerball is and I turned to youtube to see what the fuck it does… It seems is just a toy.

  3. DylanGuitar148 says:

    @R8FME Both toys and exercise for hand forearm.I think most people use them as toys though. I use them to warm up before a guitar practice session.

  4. hunterziegelmann says:

    More like LSD powerball it looks like a rave is goin on in there…

  5. DutchBlogger says:

    @xjustapersonX Haha, yeah…sorry 😛 But no worries, I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. And yes, I’m Dutch and a Blogger (and I thought the name was cool too) 😉

  6. xjustapersonX says:

    @DutchBlogger Ah I wish there was a secret ): Well, I’m just gonna practise haha. What I was asking myself,, your YouTube name is DutchBlogger, so that means you’re Dutch? Or you just thought the name was cool? haha

  7. DutchBlogger says:

    @Benzin0 Yep 🙂 See my full explanation in one of my previous replies for more info.

  8. DutchBlogger says:

    @xjustapersonX The only thing I can say is just keep on trying and practising until you get the hang of it 😉 Sorry but there is no secret.

  9. DutchBlogger says:

    @R8FME Powerballs are for increasing strength, co-ordination and dexterity in hands, wrists, arms and upper body. So it is great for:

    1) Fitness.

    2) Sports/games that require arm and/or wrist strength.

    3) Musicians.

    4) Rehabilitation after wrist or arm injuries.

    5) Treatment and prevention of RSI, Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis and Tendonitis.

    That should cover it all…., I think 🙂

  10. DutchBlogger says:

    @soyouwantoskate the biggest difference is that the 250hz powerballs are the fastest gyros and the metal powerballs produce the most weight (and look better ;))

  11. Benzin0 says:

    Can this be good against arthritis (on hands)?

  12. Dotatouch says:

    Sounds like car racing

  13. Dsoff87 says:

    thumb start is the only way to do it.
    I never started my powerball once with the provided string. It always got tangled.

  14. xjustapersonX says:

    I don’t get the speed. I give it a good stroke, I rotate my wrist immediately, but after a few seconds it just stops spinning and I can’t get it riigghhttt
    and that sucks ’cause I wanna do that fast part too ):
    and my friend cán do it so I think I have to be able to do that too.. please help me?

  15. dinglenutzz says:

    Carpal Tunnel in a toy……….thnx Nintendo.

  16. theredmars says:

    do the lights ever get annoying? I know i definitely do not want the screamer version.

  17. R8FME says:

    what exactly are these things for? exercise or just playing around with friends? weird stuff..

  18. vampyrico says:

    @helloshayan theres no batteries, once you get the gyro going, via finger start or draw string, it begins to spin, you increase the speed by rotating your wrist.

  19. marianafassion says:

    i like the powerball
    your video is really good 5/5

  20. soyouwantoskate says:

    I want to buy one but before I do whats the difference between a 250hz power ball and a premium (light metal) one?

  21. zohaib029 says:

    I LOVE THE WHINING NOISE…..sounds like a jet engine

  22. zohaib029 says:

    @helloshayan well the only battery inside it is one of them clock batterys for the counter to count the rpm

  23. kenny4903 says:

    this is really a nifty machine you can hardly hold it still while it is at high speed
    must-buy item !!!!

  24. helloshayan says:

    does it use any batterys??? or does it selfpower when it starts moving….??

  25. deinenvater says:

    can this ball control you hand ?

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