My 10 Tips For Healthy Hair Growth!

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Sharing what has worked for me in growing my hair back from a major trim. *This is just MY personal advice*

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “My 10 Tips For Healthy Hair Growth!”
  1. sexymami1001 says:

    @TheShanea2006 \- I’m not sure because you’re keeping it moisturized so Idk. Just continue to try different things out and see if it stops. That’s the best thing I can tell you to do.

  2. TheShanea2006 says:

    @sexymami1001 i am using nouvea wave and other conditioners and silk element shampoo and conditioner and my hair is still slightly sheading but not as bad as it was what else could i use to stop it completely?

  3. sexymami1001 says:

    @saudia1994- You’re very welcome!

  4. saudia1994 says:

    thanks, this helps alot

  5. sexymami1001 says:

    @saratuism2- Once you start seeing results, you won’t give up! You’ll be so excited to see just how good your hair can get and that’ll be your motivation:)

  6. saratuism2 says:

    @sexymami1001 Hi! This is really good advice i think. I’m going to start on my hair growth journey today and hope i don’t give up. My hair grows quickly but it just breaks all the freaky time. 🙁 Any support from ya would be nice. Thanks

  7. sexymami1001 says:

    @nijachild- Don’t feel bad because I went through my “junkie days” too but that just helps you find what works and what doesn’t. I actually feel it’s a necessary step.

  8. nijachild says:

    I am stuck between the herbal essence long term relationship leave in and Silken child moisturizer. The herbal essence many have raved about is it good. I dont want to be a product junkie.

  9. sexymami1001 says:

    @bayonne619- You’re very welcome:)

  10. bayonne619 says:

    @sexymami1001 -Thanks for replying. I will do what you just suggested

  11. sexymami1001 says:

    @bayonne619- I’m not familiar with a lot of deep conditioners but I’ll suggest the one that I use because it has worked well on me and my mom’s hair. It treats and conditions dry and damaged hair and gives added moisture to sun-dried, over-processed hair. Also try not to wash your hair so often. Deep condition it once a week and add moisture as needed when it gets dry. I hope this helps:)

  12. bayonne619 says:

    I would like to know what brand or type of deep conditioner that would be suitable for thin, dry, unmanageable, damaged, long, and oily hair. I dislike my hair so much. I wash my hair more than 3 times a day and that’s how my hair becomes oily. I need your advice

  13. sexymami1001 says:

    @blackbutterfly233ify- Petroleum & mineral oil just sit on your hair & makes it greasy. That’s pointless. Moisturizers’ first ingredient is water. It quenches the thirst and prevents dryness in your hair. I’m not sure what you mean by question 2… I condition my hair with a moisturizer & then go over it with oil to “seal” the moisture in. The unseen parts of your hair should be just as healthy as the rest so even though it’s in the back doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Hope this helps:)

  14. blackbutterfly233ify says:

    ok i gotta ask 1) whats ur stance on petrolum & mineral oil in grease cause evrytime i go searchin on the internet it says stay away frm it but all grease has that 2) when you say conditions the ends wiith wat specifically ie, leave-in conditioner,water,oil sheen,or grease,3) how do you moisturize the back of ur hair when u cant see….thxs for this and all ur tips ur rlly helpin my =) keep it up

  15. sexymami1001 says:

    @blackbutterfly233ify- I suggest that you use a moisturizer because grease does nothing for nourishing your hair. It just makes it shiny and greasy. When using a moisturizer, you should make sure that the first ingredient is water. Moisturizer your hair 2x a day and use a satin scarf at night to keep the moisture from drying out.

  16. sexymami1001 says:

    @Meechl- Very good to hear! Keep at it!

  17. sexymami1001 says:

    @KayLeoFairy- I only use shampoo once every 6 weeks when I do my deep protein treatments. I deep condition on dry hair and rinse it with water.

  18. sexymami1001 says:

    @cbrison06:) You’re welcome, Suga!

  19. cbrison06 says:

    Tip number ten is one I could use!!! thanks for the tips 😀

  20. KayLeoFairy says:

    heeeyyy mami, quick question … you said you deep condition once a week … do you shampoo everytime or do you give it a quick rinse most of the time and wah it maybe once every 3 weeks?

    i want to try your regime cause ive had a lot of stress lately and like one spot at the back of my head has just fallen out!!

  21. Meechl says:

    You’re right about the DCing with heat! This was the one thing missing from my regime since I started in Feb I’ve noticed I’m gaining length quickly!

    Great video and thanks for the tips! Awesome

  22. blackbutterfly233ify says:

    hi im 18 and my hair in the middle is very short from cutting my hair but the rest of my hair is long ….im asking you how often do u grease your hair and should you grease your hair ….i used olive oil grease and i think i use too much becase alot of grease is always on the comb after i grease my hair so thank you for giving me these tips and can you give my more thanks

  23. sexymami1001 says:

    @alyshell1- I really hope so too!

  24. alyshell1 says:

    OK…i’ll try that and hopefully it will work. Thanks.

  25. sexymami1001 says:

    @alyshell1- I think your hair is either breaking from being dry or getting too much protein. Try using a water-based moisturizer and moisturize every day, maybe even twice a day. I use Wave Nouveau finishing lotion.

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