Heat Up Your Summer With These Fitness Tips! – Health & Fitness FAQ: Your Questions Answered!

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Make Sure You Read This!! www.luvbeinnatural.com Hey Divas! We are On The Mic With Mike (He really had a radio show with that name!) So who is Mike you ask!? He is my trainer who I’ve been working out with for a little over a year now. He has answered the first set of FAQ’s and I finally uploaded the video for you all! I apologize for taking so long, I have been so busy, but it is well worth the wait! Make sure to let me know if this video sparks any more questions! See you all in the next video! Oh yeah!! I started Twitter!! twitter.com Don’t forget about the Facebook Fan Page specifically for luvbeinnatural!! Take a second and like the page!! The link is below: It just takes two clicks total! And it’s FREE!! lol! =) www.facebook.com Questions: 2:18 – How Should A Beginner Get Started? 2:54 – How Old Is Too Old To Start Working Out? 3:27 – What Should I Focus On First: Cardio or Strength Training? 4:05 – How Do I Get Rid Of Belly Fat? 4:55 – I Don’t Have A Gym Membership, What Can I Do? 6:07 – What Can I Do To Tone My Arms? 6:59 – How Many Times A Week Should I Work Out? 7:40 – What If I Don’t Have The Time? Personal Question – 8:04 – What Do You Notice: Hair or Body =0) 8:33 – Come on now… Answer The Question! lol!

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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12 Responses to “Heat Up Your Summer With These Fitness Tips! – Health & Fitness FAQ: Your Questions Answered!”
  1. luvbeinnatural says:

    @MsMissrere That’s what i’m talking about!! :0) i’m working to prove him wrong too!! Hard work and determination is all you need! … And some encouraging words from time to time! Haha! :0)

  2. MsMissrere says:

    The comment your coach made about never getting abs if you have never seen abs made me work extra hard to prove him wrong. I don’t want to believe that I will never have a visible six pack. Hard work and determination will help me reach my goal. 🙂

  3. luvbeinnatural says:

    @onli1luv – I completely understand!! lol! Thanks for watching!! :0)

  4. luvbeinnatural says:

    @gwenjc2003 – I’m very glad you liked it! Thanks for watching!! :0)

  5. luvbeinnatural says:

    @siamese4life – lol! If only it were that easy! Haha! But then what would I do if he flew out there!? lol! Thanks for watching!!! :0)

  6. luvbeinnatural says:

    @auburnbutterly – I’m so glad it helped!! Thanks for watching!! :0)

  7. luvbeinnatural says:

    @singforevaful – *bigsmile* It’s always nice to be the first comment! Thanks for watching! :0)

  8. onli1luv says:


  9. gwenjc2003 says:

    Nice informational video !! Well done

  10. siamese4life says:

    Great info.Can he fly here to train me!? Lol.

  11. auburnbutterly says:

    Excellent video! It really helped. Thank you!

  12. singforevaful says:

    I’m the first comment!!! lol Love ya vids!! ^_^

    100% HAITIan

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