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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

To follow all of Zuzana’s home workouts and diet tips visit her fitness blog: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Fat Fighter Workout”
  1. MissSmileyLoser says:

    there is no way i would ever be able to do that!

  2. HotShit291 says:

    wow!! only muscles!

  3. weerbrand says:

    ok ill do that

  4. MrFNWO1 says:

    dam she is so good lookin keep your awsome workouts comin.

  5. impetuouschild says:

    I like the structure of this video much better, how you explain what you did after the workout. 🙂
    You are an inspiration, Zuzana!

  6. rocmaverick says:

    Your a smart trainer. Great exercises.

  7. iphoneanditouch101 says:

    Do you do a different work out every day?

  8. iphoneanditouch101 says:

    She has nice abs!

  9. galadrijella says:

    zuzka, i’d love to thank uuuuuuuu!!!!!!! u inspire me soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! since i started watching ur videos and started exercising, i lost so much weight, i feel fit, flexible, healthy and i have so much energy that it’s just unbelievable! it’s brutal and i LOVE it!!!!!!!!

  10. cougarbeat says:

    YOU ARE AMAZING. I love that you let us hear your focused breathing and that you don’t just show a few reps of each as a sample- you actually do the whole 12 minutes- It’s very helpful… and inspiring!

  11. loxspliff1 says:

    I know this doesnt relate to the vid, but her belly button piercing is spot on, sexy as ever. Now she needs a little dove tattoo or something and bam!

  12. jchu524 says:

    in love

  13. mrblackmartinju says:

    You are so hot

  14. whscassi2007 says:

    The breaking down of each exercize and showing the specifics is extremely helpful!!! Thank you! 🙂

  15. JerseyGirl08054 says:

    Do you ever wonder where she comes up with some of those moves? I’ve never seen them anywhere else. HOWEVER, I can hardly wait to try them.

  16. moneyman10k says:

    you will find that the best path is not vegetarian. it is vegetarian with some meat.

    red meat once a week, chicken once a week, sardines once a week, eggs every morning, milk and cheese whenever you feel like it. this much meat is not very much, but it makes a big difference from pure vegan. variety of all things including variety.

  17. kcamp111060 says:

    booty booty booty 😀

  18. KarlisLullaby says:

    Unlike some pervs, I subscribed to learn about fitness and how to have better formation/etc while working out. You’re awesome, keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

  19. CallieShabazz123 says:

    You are very beautiful and have great discipline!! Keep it up!

  20. albertbox07 says:


  21. SuperMaksim92 says:


  22. ltigre2031 says:

    do u only workout for 12 minutes a day? thanx

  23. carlsousa says:

    In you become venegarian you’re going to loose a lot of muscle, sad

  24. Tranzy2love says:

    i’m a woman and eveni have to say..God Damn that body is bangin…lookin at you really motivates me..i know i wont get that body..but trying wont hurt anybody…amazing body Zuzana…wow…and

  25. medalion18 says:


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