EASIEST Most EFFECTIVE Diet For Women to Follow: Binge, Eat, Starve, WTH?!?!

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Ask your questions on FB (ONLY way)- www.facebook.com Follow on Twitter- twitter.com FREE FEMALE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM- www.divineinnotime.com [WEBSITE] http [SEE ALL MY VIDEOS] omarisuf.com [MY OTHER FITNESS CHANNEL] www.youtube.com [FACEBOOK] www.facebook.com [TWITTER] twitter.com [FREE MALE FAT LOSS] fatasstobaddass.com [FREE FEMALE FAT LOSS] http [WEAR MY CLOTHES] chefbuff.spreadshirt.com Want to know the honest truth about losing weight ladies. Its not all about numbers. A calorie just isn’t a calorie. And theres no wonder food. The BIGGEST program, women face are that they either binge, starve or eat well. And for weight loss, this can shut down EVERYTHING. This is why someone can be CONSTANTLY dieting and NEVER lose weight, maybe even gain weight. Hi, I’m Chef Buff and I’m here to help. BINGE Days These are days where you might be good for a good portion of the day. But nighttime rolls around you eat a cookie, than some ice cream, than some crackers, before you know it, you are at Dairy Queen sipping on a root bear float! Binge days are days when your eating is out of control. The solution is to PLAN your days out STARVE Days You want NONE of these days. Its where you grab a coffee in the morning, maybe with a bagel and then until nighttime you eat NOTHING. Then you eat a little something and go to bed. This wrecks your metabolism Solution: TIME your meals, eat 5-6 small meals CONSISTENTLY EAT WELL Days Congratulations, this is when you sink up and eat well! If you

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9 Responses to “EASIEST Most EFFECTIVE Diet For Women to Follow: Binge, Eat, Starve, WTH?!?!”
  1. chipsiism says:

    i used to have lots of days like this: 1 loaf of bread with nutella, meat and cheese, 6 microwaved boals of cereal, 4 chocolate bars, 12 cookies with milk, chocolat milk. of course i also had breakfast and lunch before. after that i didnt eat for 4 days.

  2. KaritaDeAngel94 says:

    I recently ate a whole pizza… and I don’t mean one of the individual ones! Then for dessert right after.. I had a double schoop icream cone! :O I hated myself so much that day SMH

  3. angelwings0428 says:

    I do really well planning meals. However, I always have problems with snacks. A healthy snack video would be awesome!

  4. lexyw1988 says:

    I think you shud grow a handle bar tash! just putting that out there………….

  5. EvenMoreAna says:

    Your foam roller is sexy, thank you for helping us women out dude. I think the craziest thing I ever ate on a binge day was chipotle burrito twice, McDonalds meal, and half a gallon of icecream. Yup.

  6. GiselleBellyDancer says:

    My binge day usually is once a week, i call it junk day: bread with hot chocolate, pasta or brown rice,meat and salad, more and more chocolate. Unfortunately i’m a chocoholic 🙁 Guilty as charged!

  7. GmanDntHurtem says:


  8. mintyx2 says:

    worst binge day ever: 7 slices of pizza, a ham sandwhich, a bunch of pastries, and a whole carton of ice cream.

  9. thickpooxbox360 says:

    Thats a foam roller aint it 😛

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