Bodybuilding Tip: How Often to Train Abs

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

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25 Responses to “Bodybuilding Tip: How Often to Train Abs”
  1. shawndx100 says:

    dont you train mon wed fri? 3 day slpit? thats training eveery body part once a week not twice/!!! right? no talking about abs here

  2. herberv says:

    u guys are funny as shit you have to be stoned

  3. thepineapple1 says:

    Abs are like your biceps. You use them when you work other muscle groups, and you also work them out once just by themselves.

  4. acidee100 says:

    The way u train ur mushroom tip is by having another friend suck u off, in this case there brothers so its easier for them to train their mushroom tip, they suck each other off everyday.

  5. acidee100 says:


    U jack off right, u empty out ur balls right there, if u do it again it wont have any effect on u because ur balls were already kinda empty, so no jacking off doesnt do anything but empty out ur balls.

  6. Sannosuke01 says:

    Hey man, I found jimmy struthers man. He wears a backwards hat and has a pedo beard and is pretty uneducated. Jimmy calls himself 23airjg, but man, this cat is hella jelly of y’all. He don’t seem to understand he can do WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTS TO DO.

  7. wetjigsaw says:

    @al999ify Enjoy your overtrained abdominals and lower compounds as a result. Seriously man, if you’re trying to progress on some of your big lifts (Deadlift, squat, ohp) and you’ve overtrained your abs, they’re going to suffer. They’re a serious stabilizer muscle and are integral to maintaining good form.

  8. TheFaceOfJohnPants says:

    @PThug911 It gets that natural testosotrome (yeah i spelled it wrong)

  9. Youngblood112 says:

    if you dont know what a mushroom tip is…..ITS YOUR PENIS haha

  10. al999ify says:

    you can train your abs and calves everyday or every 2 days, because you use them every minute for every movement. Reference Arnold’s encyclopedia of bodybuilding

  11. ajocean says:

    Fuck jimmy

  12. abcdresky says:

    Nice ending!!!!

  13. Agnorelli1 says:

    Am I a Jimmy Struthers for listening to no bullshit advices you guys give?

  14. mufcboy1999 says:

    that fela on the left has to stop sayin that at the start of every video annoyin as fuck

  15. therealjimmystruther says:

    Glad to see kevin slightly change his intro

  16. perniciousnc says:

    hilarious lolllll

  17. achilles1878 says:

    Bring back the Twitch

  18. boby6 says:

    post a vid of you guys actually working abs

  19. docroan says:

    hey guys could you make a video on when is the best time to train abs? is it best to do abs when you get to a certain %body fat or just train it regardless of how much belly fat you have? i dont know my %body fat but i am quite near getting flat abs. should i train it now or should i wait till it gets flat?

  20. ellementification says:

    keep pressing 8 he sounds mexican

  21. Ryuing2020 says:

    what if some mushroom tips aint an endurance muscle?

  22. iswatchi says:


    I see. IMO a basic Push/pull 4 times a week would be more effective for a beginner.

  23. chsrb40 says:

    mushroom tip? you mean my delts?

  24. hamatela says:

    ?????Dont ab workouts help u lose fat as well as gain muscle?????

  25. 111sorips says:

    I was drinking while he said ‘endurance muscle’ I shoked so hard LMAO

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