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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser. Each week Bob deconstructs the basics of fitness training, showing you the proper method, form, and technique to perform the exercises found in Bob Harper Inside Out Method DVD Series. If you’re a beginner just starting out, or someone needing a refresher, check out Bob’s tips on how to stay motivated, healthy, and get the most out of your workout. All of these moves and more challenges can be found in Bob Harper Inside Out Method DVD Series — a raw workout with real results. *Injury disclaimer: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury, To reduce this risk of injury, please consult your doctor before beginning this, or any other, physical fitness program. Any user of this program assumes the full risk of injury resulting from performing the routines presented within this video.

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19 Responses to “Bob Harper – Workout Tips – Motivation”
  1. 22coombs says:

    thank you

  2. Chanilau says:

    I’ve been slacking….but I’m getting back on track.

  3. softheart5 says:

    1 day at a time is the key,getting out there running,jogging,walking doing strength training plus keeping good whole foods around making that choice every morning!It hard but doable,I have lost 20 lbs so far!!

  4. Kiezkollege says:

    Never take advice from someone with tattooed forearms…

  5. zgreatest2009 says:

    You can only obtain motivation when you have a series of small set goals which ultimately becomes something we call CHANGE! check out a video channel called ADAMwontLOSE now thats motivation!

  6. emericaordie15 says:

    Thank you ;D

  7. drouu says:

    some motivation to apologize to Bar La Grassa would be great.

  8. terri12556 says:

    bob i got motivation to workout and have biggest loser ultimate workout and i go to the wellness center on monday wendays and friday to walk in the and do some swimming to ,sometimes i ride the bikes up and some weight machie work to

  9. hrvr98 says:

    thank you so much! im in the circut break on the biggest loser wii game and its hard work. thanks for the support!

  10. jandkdelia says:

    you truly do have the <3 of a teacher… which is why so many ppl respond so well to your genuine, sincere help. Thanks Bob, love ya.

  11. Lawrence19961 says:

    i was excited after hearing his great motivation..^-^

  12. makeet0 says:

    Dammit !!!!! Im getting it …..

  13. Ortified says:

    pause the video. hold the left arrow key, shit bricks. cause you can play snakes.

  14. Melw68 says:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration. You are the best!! xoxo

  15. karunabeckmann says:

    Good for you! I’m on the journey to a new body too,
    my 80lb weightless journal is on my profile

  16. cheley1974 says:

    Bob what about working out in the pool? I have done water aerobics, and know basic workouts, but can you give us more tips on working out in the pool? Thanks!

  17. ChimeGirl says:

    Thanks Bob, I needed this.

  18. SuperGirl2o12 says:

    More great tips from the best trainer ever!

  19. SuperGirl2o12 says:

    Great tips!

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