Stretches and Splits Part 2 Stretch Exercise – Stretching Exercises Chinese Splits flexibility

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! . Get your Splits Part 2 includes warmup stretches, stretches for the splits, chinese splits and more exercises and stretches to increase flexibility. A good stretch exercise prior to attempting the splits will help warm up muscles and increase your flexibility. You can also jog in place for 5 minutes to warm up the muscles prior to attempting the splits. Don’t overdo it to avoid muscle strain or injury and go slow….

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25 Responses to “Stretches and Splits Part 2 Stretch Exercise – Stretching Exercises Chinese Splits flexibility”
  1. Mrgyrodude says:

    i did that chineses split one before i watched this video
    im flexiblish but i pulled a muscle when my chest hit the ground
    why did that happen

  2. winterrbeautyx says:

    @fitforafeast oh okay thnx! 🙂

  3. fitforafeast says:

    @winterrbeautyx you have to stretch or do splits regularly or you will lose them

  4. winterrbeautyx says:

    How come I go from the side splits into the middle splits? and when you dont stretch do you lose your splits?

  5. 12SydneyB says:

    @MrsJJonassssssssssss i cant touch my toes either its mostly because my body cant go int an acute angle.just right obtuse straight and reflex

  6. MrsJJonassssssssssss says:

    I cant even touch my toes. Do you have any tips?

  7. alberto211393 says:

    god I see to that young girl stretch and I get jealous XD great job

  8. fitforafeast says:

    @GymnaticsRules1234 we are friends – not sisters. usually when the leg bends it is not ready – raise up & try going down again just until the point you can keep them straight – keep stretching from there

  9. GymnaticsRules1234 says:

    its nearly been a month for my front splits but whenever i got down, my back leg bends – tips
    P.S are you two sisters

  10. winterrbeautyx says:

    I used to always do those stretches, and I got my splits but then I lost them, is it that when you stop stretching they go? Also how do I stop my self from going from a side split into the middle splits, because my knee is outwards, is it ment to be like that in the splits?

  11. 5weetxcand3y says:

    I’m goin to start doin all those streches everyday so i can get more flexible and i really really really want to do the splits

  12. tyla896 says:

    i did the first one a regular split i mastered it i just want to do the umm chinese split so i can you know do that and do dances and things thank you gurls

  13. glitteringgold18 says:

    I can only do my middle splits but i cant my right or left.

  14. minorosity1112 says:

    they aren’t chinese splitd, there russian splits. and thanks i can finally do one now!!

  15. fitforafeast says:

    @daniel4me1 one side is always easier than the other – just keep working at it

  16. daniel4me1 says:

    you guys help me so much and i got my left splits but how can i work on my right splits?

  17. prettygirl26ish says:

    thanks this really helped

  18. jedbrocks says:

    thank that really helped

  19. awsmninjagirl365 says:

    how old r these kids!!! lmao

  20. anikareid123 says:

    this did not help me but i have nt been practicing so i guess itll help but thanks

  21. nikjay1234 says:

    @fitforafeast how long did it take you to do the splits?

  22. fitforafeast says:

    @MsSAMMALIK We have a back walkover tutorial on our channel / website

  23. MsSAMMALIK says:

    heey i’m 9 to and trying a lot of their things.
    do you know if they have a video of how to do a back walkover????
    get cack to me

  24. OliviaLexishow says:

    you guys really helped me thank you!

  25. themrruben789 says:

    I cant even do the middle splits full splits or chinese help

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