Fitness Model Training Blog 22 w Lyzabeth Lopez

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Lyzabeth Lopez’s road to the WBFF World Fitness Model PRO Championships. Follow the entire video series as she preps for the show all show as a natural athlete.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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26 Responses to “Fitness Model Training Blog 22 w Lyzabeth Lopez”
  1. nyjet2210 says:

    at 1:09 …daammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol

  2. SuperSantogold says:

    Seriously Lyzabeth I know its not about winning but your stage presence was exhilarating and the lady chosen did not have the level of health I would want to see. I dont really understand the judging sometimes. May you can fill me in. 🙂

  3. balhaarmattie says:

    such an inspiration!! love it!

  4. Annahealthseeker says:

    Lyza, you are a such a positive & beautiful woman. Too many times, women try to tear each other down with cattiness & bs. But you are the opposite- confident, supportive and working hard to uplift and train other women. You are a great role model.

  5. kandita7 says:

    Super inspirational!!

  6. liisabbyxD says:

    ******Ummmmm i think you meant Left to right not “right to left”

  7. ExpertSaraPalmer says:

    Great job!!!

  8. simplechocolatediet says:

    How much fun is this making video’s .. When you have time come visit my channe

  9. TheHcgdietplan says:

    How much fun is this making video’s .. When you have time come visit my channe

  10. UniquePatience says:

    Wow this is amazing i would like to train to have the body of a fitness model. =)

  11. w000p3d says:

    andd euhh ya looking sexyy..

  12. Salinasbhr says:

    HAHA loved the way you skipped your weeks. and just said just more skeeping..:P
    good sense of humor and on week 22 you looked amazing omg.
    im happy there still are people who train like you lopez .
    just like dekka says i think your the best in what you are doing.

  13. LyzabethLopez says:

    @dekka213 you’re too sweet:) thank you

  14. dekka213 says:

    1. OMG, your such a payasita with that crazy walk on stage. The best ever.
    2. I love that your train like a fighter. I seen that Powerwheel and those cinder blocks in the back. Vete! Big girl tools.
    3. 22 weeks was perfect cause you didnt diet away your glutes and your face looks very flush and healthy. Not emaciated at all.
    4. Your students are bangin!!! They have great symmetry like momma bear….
    Great Job…keep the videos coming. Better see you in the cage or at the Arnold on stage.

  15. drbayoms says:

    There is nobody in the entire fitness industry that is even close. Amazing fit physique!

  16. ThatChiTownBoy says:

    who was the black girl at the end of the video with the eight pack? She’s ripped!

  17. durner1 says:

    OMG THAT ASS!!!! Sorry but you’re so dam sexy!

  18. durner1 says:


  19. ivageivage says:

    wow your boyfriend’s one lucky guy

  20. vaidotas86 says:

    @armack2008 Rapn

  21. MistyBoone says:

    nice job enjoyed the blog

  22. BenLeann says:

    good show and oh my id like a fine lass like you 😉

  23. T3cHNo10GiC says:

    Few things are as enjoyable as you.

  24. Arnsberg123456789 says:

    wow good body

  25. dfrelat says:

    Although I’m a 285lbs powerlifter, I can still appreciate the years of hard work and dedication you’ve put in to get at the level you’re at right now. You have an awesome body and your videos are cool. You’re even inspiring me to try to cut down and see some abs lol! Keep up the great work!

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