EAT HEALTHY CHEAP: Tips to Save Money on Food (Do NOT Eat Like a Broke Ass College Student)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

ask your Q on FB- FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER- MY OTHER CHANNEL JUST FOR WOMEN FREE GUY FAT LOSS PROGRAM- ALL MY VIDEOS! http I know what its like to have to eat on a budget. Despite an awesome scholarship and good job, I was a broke ass college student. I blame it on the wine and women. Mainly the women though. Those damn support payments Whatever the reason, here is the BEST guide to saving YOUR money at the grocery store, to maximize the amount of high quality food you eat, without exploding your bank account. When shopping smart, even if you are bulking, you can spend less than -60 a week with high quality food. TOP TIPS 1. Shop for the deals on the meat. Every week at all the grocery stores, meat varies in price. Sometimes chicken breast is .99 a lb sometimes its .99 a lb, you have to pay attention to the sales and strike while the iron is hot. Stock that shit up in the freezer 2. JOIN a large discount retail store like COSTCO, Sam’s Club or Trader Joes. These warehouse facilities sell Olive Oil, Peanut Butter, Tuna and Egg Whites for FAR cheaper than anywhere else. Buying in BULK always saves you money. 3. When it comes to meat, which is the most expensive thing to buy, look for large cuts of meat on sale that you can butcher yourself. Also ask the local butcher for last-date meat discounts. Chop it up and freeze the rest, you’ll save A LOT of money this way. 4. When it comes to produce like vegetables

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25 Responses to “EAT HEALTHY CHEAP: Tips to Save Money on Food (Do NOT Eat Like a Broke Ass College Student)”
  1. 13bsbll24 says:


  2. OmarIsuf says:

    @SamiWheeler Thats CRAZY about bison being almost the same price as beef, I’d literally punch someone in the face for some bison

  3. OmarIsuf says:

    @AtoZyzzyva Both whole and then separating them for the whites, depending upon your macronutrients for the day!

  4. SamiWheeler says:

    I personally spend up to 300$ a month on groceries due to prices so this video hopefully will lower that amount.
    (300$ on basics, I live in america and the prices here are mad when you don’t have a big retail chain nearby)
    And the stores in my area do not take coupons, or give them out.
    And beef and pork are as expensive as bison(or a little lower) so I tend to go with bison since it fills you faster has more good protein and tastes better.

    I hate being a starving college student…

  5. AOUSI says:

    @SmartAceHole82 Only if you’re asian.

  6. dezinediva says:

    you could go to a farm, steal a cow, senselessly murder it and eat the whole thing at night, or store the rest later. But you must bay at the moon after the kill for the highest fat burn.

  7. iamwaley says:

    @OmarIsuf i had no idea you lived in toronto ahah, and you had shades and a bandana
    next time aha

  8. JMHAGM says:

    You are hilarious! Lol

  9. OmarIsuf says:

    @iamwaley And you didn’t say what up because?

  10. iamwaley says:

    i swear i saw you at coxwell station today ahaha

  11. unforgetful22 says:

    what abt muslim . we hve to buy halal meat . are u muslim and if yes where can i find cheap meat ?

  12. nextVTgenerati0n says:

    dude thank you man your vids are great and greatly appreciated!

  13. AtoZyzzyva says:

    Thanks for the heads up.
    When you say eggs are #1 source I assume you are talking about the egg whites? How do you eat egg whites? I have never tried eggs without the yolk which is why I don’t eat them a lot.

  14. OmarIsuf says:

    @JayBumbay There “should” be, but there usually isn’t, heres why. The term organic is actually pretty arbitrary and in some countries there are no standard definitions of WHAT organic is. Some producers just slap on the label and don’t change anything at all. REAL organic food does have more nutrients but its hard to always verify whats truly 100% organic. Unless sure, regular broccoli is fine, just wash it, its sprayed with pesticides!

  15. OmarIsuf says:

    @AtoZyzzyva I love fish, we just have to be careful about excess consumption of cheap fish that might be HIGH in toxic chemicals (mercury), just be careful, but yes definitely fish is in the mix

  16. hurrrrrrrrrrr says:

    In my area pork liver is by far the cheapest source of protein, with vitamins and minerals in the mix. Can go as low as 1.5 euros per kilo if you shop at the right time. The taste is kinda funky but really easy to cook. I’m in a sorta poor country but I’d expect similar results proportionally elsewhere 🙂

  17. MegaAverageMan says:

    Hey chef buff I just ate half of a GIANT buffin! nice video for tips with food budget control.

  18. MegaAverageMan says:

    @sass9507 Dried fruit usually has additives and is mostly sugar without all the nutrition of regular fruit…. Brown rice would be good with the beans

  19. MegaAverageMan says:

    @sass9507 Dried fruit usually has additives and is mostly sugar…. Brown rice would be good with the beans

  20. AtoZyzzyva says:

    Fantastic video as I am hoping to go to Uni at the end of Summer.
    What is your opinion on fish, though? Treat it the same as meat and get deals? I always find fish to be cheaper, healthier and packed wit protein if you buy the right kind.

  21. sleestack808 says:

    best vid yet. I really like biotest whey btw, Thanks for the link

  22. blondecrazygaijin says:

    That was an incredibly useful video.

  23. SmartAceHole82 says:

    the neighbours cat is a cheap sorce of protein.

  24. blakasassin1 says:

    @sass9507 doesnt alot of the nutrients from the fruit go away if its dried?

  25. lolw2 says:

    Always enjoy watching your videos. Keep it coming! You Rock!

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