Do Interval Cardio With No Equipment; Body Weight Exercises Only

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Click here if you want to use the Fatloss Lifestyle Program anywhere in the world. My System is the most time efficient fitness system on the market today. It will personalize work outs, cardio, nutrition, and goal setting for anyone and every one. To find out how to have me design your nutrition and exercise program click here; BODY WEIGHT INTERVAL CARDIO Complete Exercises Below Twice 1.) Squat Jumps (As many as you can do in 1 minute) Deep Squat (Hold at bottom for 90 sec. for active rest 2.) Flying Romans (As many as you can in 1 minute) Front Lunge Twist ( Active Rest for 90 seconds) 3.) Burpee (Complete as many as you can in 1 minute) Side Lunge Reach (active rest for 90 seconds) Compete exercise 1-3 first then do the second set of each exercise. That’s it, 15 minutes and you are done with the whole thing. Trust me when I tell you there is magic in short, simple, but yet effective. I dare you to try this routine twice per week, first thing in the morning. If you want more tips and some free stuff, go sign up for my newsletter at Your Coach, Darin Steen

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Do Interval Cardio With No Equipment; Body Weight Exercises Only”
  1. mooseutoo says:

    @mikecazzx Not at all if it is intense. Look up crossfit, most of their WODs (workout of the day) are for time, and you can get a lot of them done within about 15-30 minutes. If anything longer workouts are worse. If you are working out passed one hour you will start a catabolic hormone that tears down muscle. Keep it short and keep it intense and you will definitely see hormonal reactions.

  2. mvpmuch1992 says:

    BAAAGGGGHHH BAGGGGHHHHH BAGGGHHHHH LMFAO!!!! but whatever works for you…lol

  3. mikecazzx says:

    Isn’t 15 minutes too short to stimulate any hormonal reaction from the body?

  4. 245ikl says:

    Im 6″6 and i think im actually gonna fly into the ceiling 😀

  5. yogurltrizz says:

    @mamaluigitoyou lmao ohh. sorry 😛

  6. mamaluigitoyou says:

    @mmsgurl18 it’s a joke, there’s a crappy show called super mario show and luigi mothers a yoshi for some reason and everyone calls him mama luigi

  7. mmsgurl18 says:

    @mamaluigitoyou ummmmmmm “mama” luigi has balls? im only slightly scared lol

  8. mamaluigitoyou says:

    In most excersises I can do the full thing without barely becoming tired but I always end up hurting my neck balls or back are these risky or safe?

  9. mamaluigitoyou says:

    This hurts my balls :/ anyone else hurt their balls on this?

  10. rock962000 says:

    Anyone who hasn’t tried this needs to try it asap.

  11. rock962000 says:

    Darin, once again I would like to say how much of a heart thumper, and leg machine workout this is. It’s amazing. My body feels like just stopping at the second round. LOL

  12. UHeardMe1stTime says:

    This workout kicks your ass. I had to keep taking brief pauses because of the burning in the legs. Are you supposed to be able to go steady all the way through? I couldn’t even hold the squat without rest.

  13. Lazyjay666 says:

    John Cena???????

  14. bully3601 says:

    this is the first Time I see u in yellow shirt but u still AWESOME

  15. rock962000 says:

    Getting ready to do this right now and follow along. Thanks again Darin!!!!

  16. EarthWarZone says:

    I thought people were saying “Hey Darling” eyesight fail

  17. LoxodontaAmericana says:

    You really are inspiring man. I can’t believe you aren’t in your 20’s!

  18. jaywon06 says:

    thanks a lot man!

  19. carlo4528 says:

    @youboon lol

  20. ScoobysDisciple says:

    good job darren keep up the good work u monster

  21. youboon says:

    “Changes the way your body stores carbohydrates in the future”.


  22. KillerCracker69 says:

    I think it’s more of a leg workout. My quads were torched after I did this!!

  23. rock962000 says:

    Hey Darin. I just finished this right now and I could barley last! It was great and I’m pouring sweat right now. Thank you for the videos man ! Much love and appreciation from me!

  24. NevRav says:

    Hmm, the jumping is going to prove some difficulty for me because of my left knee. I had surgery on it a few years back, and I just can’t seem to get it as close as I can in endurance to my right knee. I guess I’ll just have to do as many jumps as I can in 60 seconds.

  25. pgold50 says:

    hi darin,

    at what time of day should i do interval cardio?
    in the morning on an empty stomach or morning with a little snack? also, can i do it on weight training days?

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