Cardio Sucks But Deadlifts Are Cool – Fitness Vlog 1

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

If you liked this video thumbs it up, if you didn’t then let me know why! One of my first vlogs and I am going to be doing a few fitness ones. Just show you guys some of the things I do in the gym. Todays workout was: Bench Press work then WOD (Workout of the Day): 10 Deadlifts @ 275lbs 25 Push Release Pushups (Stupid) 400m run (subbed a 500m row since it was raining hard) 4 Rounds Good workout, minus all the rowing. I was actually in the mood to run but the rain put a stop to that. ************************************************ Get your OFFICIAL FURIOUS PETE Merchandise! ********************************************************** Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for more eats! Supplements and Fitness Tips at: The place I train at ************THIS IS THE ORIGINAL YOUTUBE EATING CHANNEL**********

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Cardio Sucks But Deadlifts Are Cool – Fitness Vlog 1”
  1. Tzenjin says:


    Oh and they play dance music. non stop.

  2. Tzenjin says:

    Man thats a real gym. You know what the gym in my town has? Rows and rows of treadmills, rows and rows of cross trainers, then in the corner, this little weights section with a smith machine, a few dumbbells and preset barbells. Its pathetic.

  3. punkazn77 says:

    how tall are you?

  4. DuDe1040 says:

    cool vid…but that is not a HARDCORE gym

  5. Slaterking2010 says:

    I hate rowing, prefer cycling or running or swimming if my legs are battered.

  6. HIIMDAVID12345555 says:


  7. lonewolf604 says:

    rage against the machine, and red hot chili peppers playing in the background? WHERE IS THIS PLACE?!

  8. GoneReality says:

    what exactly do those pushups do for you?

  9. 23RAIDa says:


  10. ChongDong227 says:

    @steriods4champions you must be illiterate.

  11. steriods4champions says:

    @ChongDong227 because i’m tired of seeing people like you who are so called “experts” in weight lifting yet can’t lift shit themselves. if you can lift the same or more weight he is doing with the perfect form you suggest then okay you can complain. but if you can’t do it then shut up.

  12. ChongDong227 says:

    @steriods4champions why does it matter

  13. ChongDong227 says:

    @steriods4champions um low 4s

  14. steriods4champions says:

    @ChongDong227 and how much can you deadlift big boy?

  15. ChongDong227 says:

    @steriods4champions i saw the video he, his back is rounded it should be flat, not saying i’m not saying i’m an expert but i wont waste my time arguing with someone like yourself that obviously has no idea what there talking about

  16. steriods4champions says:

    @ChongDong227 why don’t you go find the video and see for yourself

  17. ChongDong227 says:

    @steriods4champions doesnt mean hes doing it right.

  18. steriods4champions says:

    @ChongDong227 he deadlifts like over 600 you idiot,

  19. koenafca1994 says:

    A lot guys talk on youtube that they are much stronger as him, but they are in real life pussy’s

  20. ChongDong227 says:

    ur a bitch with the deadlifts fully rest them on the ground ur making it a lot easier by taping it

  21. handsomezombie1 says:

    4 rounds of 500m rows? That would kick my ass. I just do alot of agility and short burst exercises. But good workout dude, stay thuggin

  22. bbbbbb222222 says:

    I was thinking about suscribing to your page, but… Crossfit? Fucking really? Get in a real workout program without bullshit weird exersices. Also, rain = no running? What the fuck? It should be: rain = epic running!. And skipping pullups or whatever you guys call them are for fags. The rest of your videos I saw were cool though.

  23. xgoatface8 says:

    uggghh his inside must be a gross mess .

  24. cn3z says:

    Yeah Popeyes complimentary shaker! Steeltown represent!!

  25. Casemaster3000 says:

    @furiouspete123 damn straight

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