Zumba Fitness! ZUMBA Dance! Zumba Music! An Amazing Exercise-Workout Music Video

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


To watch on cellphone please go to: www.youtube.com This Zumba dance, action packed music video is the perfect representation of how great exercise can be made fun. Latin Inspired Zumba fitness has brought an entire new generation of people, young & old, to Exercise & Fitness via Zumba. “this video is fun & epic!!” “instructor & class rocks!” “I send to ALL Zumba friends.” “BEST Zumba Music Video on YouTube!” *Please comment & subscribe if you like this Zumba video **Please check out our other New Videos: 1- BOLLYWOOD Music Video; Fast-Ferocious-Sexy www.youtube.com a- “Top 48” on “America’s Got Talent” TV show b- Featuring MIss India USA, other Bollywood Celebs! c- watch now & see BEST BOLLYWOOD PERFORMERS on earth 2- Baby Rips through store aisle like a tornado: www.youtube.com 3- Funny Baby, Funny Kid, Zumba Dirt Fitness LOL www.youtube.com Please comment and rate this Video, we’d LOVE to hear what you’ve got to say Please Also check out Hennflix’s other videos and please SUBSCRIBE if you like our videos. *Chris Hennessy (Hennflix) takes himself and his audience to places most only dream of visiting. I plan on introducing several of the most unique, crazy, creative & hilarious videos EVER seen on YouTube! Subscribe now, follow my Journey… All Flix written, produced & directed by Hennflix Chris Hennessy Producer-Director-Interviewer-Host Custom Video Connection 408-267-3012 www.cvc-video.com a- Professional Videos: San Jose Video Production & broadcasting multi-media

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25 Responses to “Zumba Fitness! ZUMBA Dance! Zumba Music! An Amazing Exercise-Workout Music Video”
  1. norabatty22 says:

    Ah Zumba. Aerobics with different music

  2. ArraTonks says:

    Zumba looks fun

  3. AtheistTower says:

    Yeah I do ballroom dancing and I get chicks all the time, zumba however is overstepping the mark into the compromising one’s heterosexuality.

  4. erami2 says:

    Girls know that guys that can dance and can Zumba are great in bed too. The guys who are afraid to look gay are usually closet gays, afraid that any little thing will out them.

  5. Djryp says:

    Sry for the video answer if u deleted it. BTW I LOVE ZUMBA!!!!!!!! The one is the best public sport on the world.

  6. edwardelricomgsogud says:

    @AtheistTower i dont think youd look gay next to all those hot girls…

  7. lewdcanoe30 says:

    Lady Gaga is cool .. “naked ladygaga. NET”

  8. XmakemeastarX says:

    @KamaWawa Probably

  9. XmakemeastarX says:

    @AtheistTower to lose weight?

  10. AtheistTower says:

    Culturally-reinforced phenomena.

  11. Nibinaear says:

    The girl at 3:34 is too nice.

  12. Xality says:

    @AtheistTower You know what is ironic? in the western world guys that can dance and move their hips are seen as gay.

    In countries like South America and Africa the guys that dance best get all the girls and get laid more often than you can ever imagine… pretty gay right?

  13. kyriakosgrr says:


  14. curbee326 says:

    i have a zumba song on my channel i dont know the name of… can someone listen to it and tell me the title please?

  15. mackas8 says:

    what’s your seacret to being so hoot ? zumbhaaaa xDD

  16. HennFlix says:

    Angel y Khriz— Muevela

  17. KamaWawa says:

    Does zumba make you flexible?

  18. sanysele says:

    PLS HELP!!

  19. oceallaigh2003 says:

    @AtheistTower LOL…..true

  20. tog1957 says:

    Zumba is Aerobics with different music! designed to con fat people into thinking one class a week will make them thin IT WONT!

  21. TheCoutureGirlie says:

    Aww the old lady in orange in the front is adorable!!

  22. HennFlix says:

    So why did you watch it, Jack….. hahahahahahaha, I know whyyy…. you wanna do it but you’re afraid your friends will tease you, well we promise we won’t show no one…. go for it Jack, we got your back

  23. AtheistTower says:

    I can see why no guy would do this; they would look gay as fuck.

  24. semanat26 says:

    Me like!

  25. HennFlix says:

    awesome Midra and good for you! Keep up the great work

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