Women’s Eyebrow Shaping

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


1.Cleanse and dry skin with baby powder. 2.Apply wax in the direction of hair growth using a Popsicle stick. Then apply wax strip with pressure. Hold skin tightly and pull of wax strip off in opposite direction of hair growth. 3.Apply baby oil to remove excess wax from skin. 4.Apply aloe vera to soothe any pain and redness. A little redness is natural. 5.Repeat steps to other brow. 6.Trim eyebrows if needed. 7.Tweeze stray hairs. 8.Wipe away hairs with dry cotton ball. Click here for more detailed instructions and step-by-step directions! Our Blog – studiotilee.tumblr.com (don’t forget to follow us!) STAY IN TOUCH Official Website – www.studiotilee.com Facebook – www.facebook.com Twitter – twitter.com Song: Beyonce – Halo

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24 Responses to “Women’s Eyebrow Shaping”
  1. maxpayneone2 says:

    she leaves that wax on way long, makes me worried; i never leave it on that long.

  2. lexiandadj20 says:

    where did u get the wax and wax strips?

  3. dooreynincp says:

    i have to get that done today, im nurvose but i get it done alot, it dosnt hurt but it’s vary uncomfortable

  4. oolilleannex says:

    @punklicker97 You have to keep rubbing to make sure it’s bonded properly to get all the hair out.

  5. oolilleannex says:

    She’s buttering the wax between the eyebrows. You’re supposed to apply at a 45 degree angle, and apply wax in ONE OR TWO strokes. You continue to apply wax as needed. Buttering is more painful for the client.

  6. TheSelMarieGomezFAN says:

    threading helps me get the perfectly arched eyebrows 🙂

  7. TheUnwrittenWriter says:

    Are…. are you kidding me? If you have sensitive skin like I do, waxing is a MOTHERFUCKER. And I’ve been getting my eyebrows done since I was thirteen, and I’m seventeen now. Pop an advil about 45 minutes before you get your eyebrows done, find any sort of numbing serum that will reduce the redness and pain of your skin, and then cross your fingers.

  8. dhakholdest says:

    didn’t seem like she did a very good job to me . she was very rough .

  9. punklicker97 says:

    she was rubbing that shit for a while now . . .

  10. cherrydaisies says:

    her eyebrows are naturally very uneven toward the centre lol yuck

  11. laura27406 says:

    @JanelleKK So much faster!!!

  12. jasminecoby19 says:

    Gees she’s rubbing that wax strip for what seems like forever!

  13. shokoanenokoji says:

    wax doesnt hurt that bad

  14. ilovemakeuup says:

    Wow, she got some perfect eyebrows, beautiful!
    Personally I just use eyebrow knives and tweezers, but it’s just because I don’t dare to try wax. Haha

  15. DeadKat1 says:

    @JanelleKK less tedious!

  16. JanelleKK says:

    can someone tell me why this is better than tweezers?

  17. froggygurl12 says:

    yea thats very cool even i cant do that sometimes it just hurts alot though
    :> cool video though

  18. allthatsevil says:

    I’m terrible at doing my eyebrows, but this video is very helpful. It’s more comprehensive than most of the brow tutorials I’ve seen. Thanks!

  19. Vilivil says:

    Isn’t it brutal for the facial muscles?

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  21. sadeloveable says:

    in school they teach us that FIRST!! u put the head band on….which nobody does when this is done in salons..they hurry n do it with just out n the hair bk n forth out of the way….. PLUS THE GURL USED HERE HAS A WEIRD SHAPE EYEBROW REALLY DIDNT SEE AN ARCH U PUT IN..JUST SAW A clean up!!!!

  22. ipdipdoo0 says:

    its pointless waxing eyebrows

  23. Pinkperpetual says:

    she has beautiful eyes

  24. kosimpson says:

    they’re not going to grow baaack!

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