TOP Women Training MISTAKES (Avoid These!) And Get a Toned, Sculpted, Firm Body!

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

FREE FEMALE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM- JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK- http FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER- FREE GUY FAT LOSS PROGRAM- Hi my name is Omar Isuf and I’m a Toronto based personal trainer. My goal is to help educate and motivate people into leading a healthy active lifestyle. My philosophy is passionate training, proven results. This video is designed to dispel common mistakes women make when training themselves. These tips will save a lot of time and frustration in the gym. For the best FREE Female Weight Loss Program Go to http where I take you through 8 weeks of FREE female work outs (aimed at sculpting and toning the stomach, hips, thighs and back of the arm area) with sexy videos, slim meal plans and sexier recipes to get you divine in no time! I personal put my women clients through this plan to get them lean for summer! Topics covered:

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26 Responses to “TOP Women Training MISTAKES (Avoid These!) And Get a Toned, Sculpted, Firm Body!”
  1. Andersson says:

    I thought he was gay haha. Anyway, most of what he said’s true.

  2. raerebekah1 says:

    Thanks for making this easy and not boring me to death.

  3. arktana says:

    you are realy funny man:) and you dont look too bulky like those ugly bodybuilder guys!

  4. LEGACYLUVRR42 says:

    Dude No Lie i ♥ ur vids im a sexxyyy ass female wrestler and i am constanlty jumping weight classes and ur vids help stay constant and if i saw u in person i would have you sign my boobs :DDDD

  5. EmmaRoseee211 says:

    LOL, sqeezing the butt, like your in prison. hahaha! your so cuutee >.<

  6. ferrarif40 says:

    You can always guarantee there’ll be someone on the ab iso machines whenever you go into the gym and they’re never in shape… wonder why? lol

    Nice vid man, wish more women would hit the weights. They don’t have enough testosterone to develop bulky physiques without unnatural assistance. Anytime you see a woman doing squats in the gym you can be guaranteed she’s got among the best asses in there.

  7. CoonEyed says:

    wait, so, i can’t just use the stair climber for an hour? i’ll plateau? i thought cardio was the least likely to plateau.

  8. Rayanne19721 says:

    I salute you sir for ALL your videos minimizing the number of fat, ugly, beer belly, stinky Dicks in this world. Cheers good sir!

  9. Rayanne19721 says:

    @Justineasmith. First, a lot of women have desk jobs. Poor circulation, piriformis syndrome, contracted iliopsoas etc. results. The only thing we can do without hurting ourselves further is to walk. THAT’S why you will see many women just walking on the treadmill. Not only do I work full time but I also go to school fulltime for my BA which results in sitting for 18 hrs a day. I will study my books while walking on the treadmill. There is a reason for some TFT! Jerk!

  10. jep91975 says:


  11. RussX5Z says:

    This guy looks like a Shim.

  12. xFatherOBlivionx says:

    I salute you sir in minimizing the number of fat bitches. Cheers good sir!

  13. Ruinous says:

    Started off like it was going to be a queer infomercial but most of what this guy says is good information when training a female or unless you are a girl and want to change things out

  14. justineasmith says:

    nice shirt

  15. SammyJ21 says:

    HAHAHA there is a chick down my gym that reads qhilst on the walker… I laugh everytime I see her and this made me laugh man

    I think you’re pretty clued up on your fitness, but I have to disagree with your statement about the blocky abs for woman… No testosterone = NO massive bulk gains… That chick is clearly on roids… OMG”!!!!!!!!!!!! I really disagree with the triceps dip too man, puts the rotator cuff at an acute angle and can seriously cause damage in larger ladies!!

  16. santhorhongwei says:

    @c8h3p squats build your legs and hips. It is not a tricep workout. But it does build your torso indirectly. Good legs makes your overall body stronger. If you think squats can give you a good tricep. I think you FUCK OFF!

  17. c00smeen says:

    you get that afterburner after all types of physical exercise that are done correctly and keep your heart rate elevated from 50% to 85% of your targeted heart rate for more than 20 minutes…g00gle ”target heart rates for different age groups” to find out yours…

  18. ArtistXhairs says:

    @DEGnhallyu Building triceps, depending upon how you work them won’t necessarily make them wider, but what you CAN do, are shoulder lifts.

    Start with whatever weight is comfortable for you so you can understand the workout. Hold those dumbbells at your side while standing, then slowly lift them straight out. Almost like you are pretending to flap your arms with weights. But, you want to be slow.

    The idea behind building muscle is your max amount of weight in 8-12 reps.

  19. ImaLuv1 says:

    Respond to this video…
    “…and avoid Chris Brown.” Bahaha. That should take off about 165 lbs immediately.

  20. scar504 says:

    can you teach me to be a douche bag?

  21. Teenssj2 says:

    @c8h3p How the hell am I supposed to know you were being sacastic !??! moron ..

  22. c8h3p says:

    @Teenssj2 it’s called sarcasm moron lol.

  23. Teenssj2 says:

    @c8h3p dude, squats are for your legs and a bit of the lower back.. has nothing to do with triceps..

  24. ljezebel1 says:

    lol your funny Your very right about everything you have said.. I have seen many women on treds or steppers and reading a magazine.. Flat as lazy!! True if no squats deadlifts or lunges, you will never see results. Lady throw your pretty pink outfits and weights and start lifting heavy!

  25. c8h3p says:

    hi, if i do squats will i build good triceps?

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