Tips For Better Orgasm

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

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10 Responses to “Tips For Better Orgasm”
  1. Lis says:

    Great foreplay and some vibration can really do the job.

  2. QuatsaDon says:

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  3. SexClinicDoctor says:

    @guitarMetal911 Several factors play a role here. Anything that stays consistent in the “pleasure center” of the brain can lead to a low response to excitement. So changing it up can help. Also, other factors influence the strength of ejaculation like fatigue, hormone levels, time of day, number of previous ejaculations. The more often you do it, the smaller the “batch” .

  4. guitarMetal911 says:

    @SexClinicDoctor yes i can reach orgasm but i have been masturbating for quite some time and the orgasm i get is starting to get old. i wanted to know if i can get it to last longer and if i can have a stronger one

  5. SexClinicDoctor says:

    @guitarMetal911 Sorry for not responding previously. Can you reach orgasm but you want it better? What aspect of it can be improved upon?

  6. SexClinicDoctor says:

    @Lensflare777 Yes, I think it is important to “git ‘er done” first as women tend to take longer. This way, there is better lubrication, relaxation and craving.

  7. Lensflare777 says:

    lmao! GIT’ ER DONE!!!

  8. guitarMetal911 says:

    how can i reach better orgasm, im a male

  9. SexClinicDoctor says:

    Some women have a G-spot located 1-2 inches in on the top wall of the vagina. Stroking that with a finger can sometimes cause orgasm. Your partner will guide you on the firmness of the stroke. Most women need clitoral stimulation either by oral, manual or vibrator stimulation. Try all of them and see which works best for both of you.

  10. chrgodfather says:

    is it possible to give me any tips to give a vaginal orgasm to my girlfriend? please

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