The Wing Girls – Online Dating Tips

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Is your online profile just not cutting it? The Wing Girls give you some ways to make your profile just as hot as you are! The Wing Girls is a weekly dating advice show for guys. Hosts Jet and Star give their opinions and how-to advice about relationships, sex, kissing, dating, and everything every guy wants to know about girls. New episodes every Wednesday. http ADD US ON FACEBOOK

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25 Responses to “The Wing Girls – Online Dating Tips”
  1. pero399 says:

    star how about giving me a blow job and skip the online shit?

  2. edatebook says:

    If you are tired of dating sites with endless fake profiles and scams to take your money, then try e-datebook. E-datebook lets you sign up, search, and message members for free!! Give us a look, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!!

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  3. DjKDM7000 says:

    I wonder how many guys have not been smiling in their new pics now because they heard “no smiley faces…” …. | These are the type of misunderstandings that occur which cause guys to do dumb stuff then get upset and say “dating advice doesn’t work” or “it’s a scam” etc. etc. etc. Many people hear, but they don’t LISTEN. This is the main problem with most men and dating psychology / dating advice.

  4. Aboud325 says:

    both r so hot !! 😛

  5. Aboud325 says:

    both r so hot !! 😛

  6. sexykatie90 says:

    thumbs up if you liked this The Wing Girls – Online Dating Tips

  7. blakasassin1 says:

    looked up craiglist adds for people trying to date or w/e and found a shit load of gay dudes showing there dicks wtf…

  8. mesha1ism says:

    I enjoyed Your Short Clip

  9. madisonajulianalue says:

    make romance tours and see them

  10. xdfgsdgflastname says:

    Best Place to find a Latin bride Online

  11. Dilani56 says:

    Just found some hot, latin girls

  12. findgirlfriend says:

    Nice video Vanae. If any of you guys have trouble writing dating messages, then you can download sample ones here for free aloneonfriday*com

  13. freeonlinedating9 says:

    If you are tired of being single and bored then give e-datebook a try!! No spam, NO email phishing, NO viruses. E-datebook is a dating website that is gaining popularity around the country. E-datebook lets you search, message, and chat with anyone in the world for free.

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  14. pecas362 says:

    @uzernaam Hello, you can STILL write what you mean and feel, just not with the other crap. You can still be who you are wihout having the :DDDDD ;))) <3 <3 <3 and all that shit. it just turns girls off

  15. aerdeneb says:

    These girls are stupid.

  16. SuperJayZFan1 says:

    This Video Is Like 90% True. But I Totally Disagree When They Said Don’t Upload Pictures Of Your Abs, Because Thats What Women Want Nowadays.

  17. mudpuppyUK says:

    These girls are anoying

  18. ashrafsiry says:

    this is all stupid formula

  19. zondra7y says:

    Online marriage service from Russia

  20. uzernaam says:

    Wouldn’t want to meet their expectations anyway. Guys: write according to what you mean and what you feel, not what these bimbos say.

  21. pictureworkmemory says:

    girl on the left is beautiful! 🙂 (other girl is cute too)
    But I agree, NEVER put your abs on… it turns girls off so much.. for me, it means you’re too into looks (or your own looks)

  22. laksikakanchana says:

    Try Naughty women and success your life

  23. uuiiiihfrttyable says:

    She is a Russian lady need to date some one

  24. Woutchitsou says:

    Problem with girls is they say one thing, but they choose something else. That’s because they think with their brains but decide with their ”feelings” which have nothing to do with their brains, so how can i consider this video reliable ?

  25. genilakunat says:

    Your total marriage solution partner ** **

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