HOW TO SPOT Reduce FAT on Women- Lose Arm, Thigh, Stomach, and Back Fat with These Tips!

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Ask your questions on FB- Follow on Twitter- FREE FEMALE WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM- This video is going to be short and sweet like crack. Everyone’s got problem areas with their body, parts of their body they don’t like. And today I’m going to give some big tips on spot reducing back, love handles, arms, thighs and stomach. Stomach Your tummy fat is determined by the amount of stress you have in your life, both mental, emotional, physical, environmental and nutritional. You need to sleep 8 hours, distress and just enjoy yourself. And avoid combinations of high fat and high sugar together. Love Handles and Back Are related to how sensitive your insulin is. Translation? Eat LESS carbs, a lot less. Minimize your sugar and keep carbs for breakfast and after your work out ONLY Arms Arms are related to your estrogen levels, or the ratio of your testosterone to estrogen. Don’t get sappy, get strong! Lift heavier weights, this won’t make you blocky, avoid a lot of soy and eat A LOT of green vegetables from the brassica family, which is broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts Thighs Ladies you naturally have a predisposition towards storing thigh fat. INTENSE exercise is the key. This will be the last area to go. Sound dieting for several weeks, and hard exercises, lots of sprints, kettlebell work, lifting heavy weights with squats, lunges, dips are key. Theres no special key, just hard work! Use these ninja tips to get more results

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10 Responses to “HOW TO SPOT Reduce FAT on Women- Lose Arm, Thigh, Stomach, and Back Fat with These Tips!”
  1. Thank you for the tips. I struggle with the lower belly area and will definitely try some of your strategies. What do you recommend for the butt area?

  2. sexychefbuff says:

    @lustbydust Short answer: not really

  3. lustbydust says:

    Is biking good cardio to burn fat in the thigh area? Please answer!!

  4. yasmeenfive says:

    @wainey0808 Hi!
    Bad injury made me sick.
    I found that honey in luke warm water or milk relieved my deep stress as it boosted my sleep, also raised my energy levels. changing your diet to junk free also cleans internally which helps our mind/moods too.
    Exercise – gentle or strenuous should be incorporated in your life as it is very beneficial for mind and body. try various forms to keep you motivated, join classes to help you focus.
    Trust me if I can do it so can you, all da best friend 🙂

  5. wainey0808 says:

    I have a problem with the stress area, i have major depression and some days i feel emotionally stressed for no reason as expected. do u any tips to maybe help this?

  6. JoePodable says:

    If you respect bodybuilding, don’t listen to this guy. He is full of shit, there is NO such thing as spot fat removal neither on men or women in this WORLD!

  7. MsPandaHannah says:

    Great video, thanks for the advice i will take it on board i didnt know that carbs and insulin were conected with lovehandels and yes!!! I have NO for love handels xx I cant believe i won i will use it wisely thanks again xxx

  8. ARTyen88 says:

    @sexychefbuff I see! 😀 Thanks Chefbuff for taking the time to reply me :). I’ll take note of your advice. Love your channel!

  9. sexychefbuff says:

    @ARTyen88 Swimming is good in ADDITION to everything else, so if you already work out at least 5-7 hrs, go ahead and do it. It won’t spot reduce anything but its extra work!

  10. ARTyen88 says:

    Chefbuff, what do you think bout swimming? can that help with the ‘fat thighs’ and ‘fat arms’ issue? 🙂

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