Fitness Tips with Chrissy Zmijewski: Abdominal Training

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Chrissy Zmijewski aka Goddess Athlete ( talks about ways to boost your abdominal training program.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness Tips with Chrissy Zmijewski: Abdominal Training”
  1. Vincentm444 says:

    dam ur sholders and arms are ripped

  2. skulptivator says:

    you are gorgeous!

  3. crazydesi1947 says:

    Hey great tip on contracted the spine first in order to prevent overemphasis on the hip flexors! Makes sense!

  4. Daghead says:

    hahahah, showoff

  5. Jeevyg says:

    THe level of ripped-ness here is pretty incredible

  6. ChrisZFit says:

    @teller121 Thanks, you are probably right. I’m just proud of being a natural athlete! I appreciate your support! 🙂

  7. teller121 says:

    @ChrisZFit Oh my God, you shouldn’t have responded to this rude, ignorant person! How RUDE; unbelievable. You’re a good sport, I guess. You look like a million (maybe two) dollars and should not have to deal with that garbage.

  8. Elryze says:

    @ChrisZFit Is there any way to determine what kind of muscles you have, other than by, of course, trial and error?

  9. chrishickson says:

    Agreed on lifting them heavy!! I like the weight behind my head on the steepest decline! lol…….Nice vids, awesome bodyfat percentage, amazing!!

  10. jmrub06 says:

    Chrissy you are gorgeous!! Great info!! I cant wait to go and try out this technique.

  11. chargindave70 says:

    @hospitalbedpan1 Thats a stupid comment to make at a lady who obviously knows what she is doing, and trains hard to achieve that physique. it is scientifically proven that all women and men produce different amounts of testosterone, and sometimes women overlap men in the low range of amounts of testosterone produced.

  12. eurohim says:

    That’s like a reverse ab wheel.

  13. PaulDiracFRS says:

    Chrissyyyy! Soooo cuuuuuute!

  14. ChrisZFit says:

    @Skipper466 the decline will make it more challenging for sure and holding the plate this way allows you to make the exercise more or less challenging….more challenging if the weight stays over your head and less challenging if the weight moves more towards your legs.

  15. Skipper466 says:

    hey i usually do this workout on a steep declined bench (probly 65 degrees) and i hold the plate close to my chest. i do a 3×8. would this generate better results than the way you’re doing it here? or should i grip the weight the way you’re doing it? is the incline really making that much of a difference?

  16. SIRIVIMOL68 says:

    Brilliant Christzzz. Benefits for me and motivate my exercise a lot.

  17. GOSUPitZ says:

    very helpful and easy to understand
    thank you

  18. LapSiLap says:


  19. ChrisZFit says:

    @hospitalbedpan1 Thanks, but the only thing I take is amino acids. I don’t believe in drugs, never have, never will

  20. hospitalbedpan1 says:

    lay off the testosterone pills

  21. fuckinwok says:


  22. pnayintegragyrl says:

    thanks so much for this workout.. i just did my reps, and it works much better than any other exercises that I’ve searched for…

    u are my new hero! 🙂

  23. johngum1973 says:

    How you feel about the legendary Janda sit-up? Have you tried them? Are they part of your program?
    As always, you produced a good vid, with clear explanation.

  24. ChrisZFit says:

    @druvak you would have to use a ton of weight and have the right kind of muscles (fast twitch, type 2a) for the abs to bulk up

  25. druvak says:

    Oh my god – you are gorgeous! Great tips too. I was told not to use weights because they bulked up the abs.

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