Fitness – Lower Body Workout 5: Exercises for Legs

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

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19 Responses to “Fitness – Lower Body Workout 5: Exercises for Legs”
  1. dmls64 says:

    Oups ! She doesn’t saw it … Sorry … oups

  2. patriot612 says:

    she has a very sexy body

  3. mejus16 says:

    i love u baby…. u have a great body…

  4. AmericanCritiquer says:

    The website is great!

  5. SpamMachinexD says:


  6. TheAlgarvelady says:

    This exercise is actually pretty good for lower abs as well.I tried it and you can really feel a good burn around your midsection. Good stuff!

  7. elvenpriestess says:

    well the tips are usefull and this actually helps, but isnt this the 4th part of the lower body workout? i mean there is no 5th video and i would really like to see it. sorry if i am mistaken.

  8. topformfitness says:

    Wow… she must be a cyborg of some kind; she’s just too perfect!

  9. Virgodee says:

    not moving the weights. Barely moving. not much movement compared to most weight exercises

  10. jugyta says:

    wat part of her body is she working out with these exercises? lower back??

  11. moikkaaja says:

    Uh … Can’t watch this. Too hot to handle!

  12. mrmagic112233 says:

    This is actually really helpful stuff. I need to get some muscle mass, lol, everyone I know bench presses more than I can

  13. ThePrivateJoker says:

    Mary me

  14. jarppa18 says:

    because the weight is in this lift is “dead”

  15. Jed9133 says:

    why is it called dead lift?

  16. afrakomahateshaters says:

    i can feel the burn by just watching.ur workouts are so intense!thanks a lot for the tips

  17. trisoma1 says:

    Thanks for the tips for variety. Are you Czech?

  18. monkeydewt says:

    ur videos are so helpful zuzana!

  19. ruthere85 says:

    hey gal can u do light workouts cause these are too heavy for me

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