Fitness – How to WarmUp for Strength Training Workouts

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more info and all of Zuzana’s fitness video tips: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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26 Responses to “Fitness – How to WarmUp for Strength Training Workouts”
  1. Interesting post! I would prefer more recommendations. That would be even more helpful in our daily lives.

    Thank you and with all the best,

  2. wiccocomoco says:

    Hi. Great Vids, could you do an abs and bicep flexing video pleeeeeaaaase? You have an amazing body x

  3. lucasw122333 says:

    its a shame, isn’t it

  4. InfiniteEndurance says:


  5. imrana6 says:

    what is the brand of ur bra please??? I’m looking for a good bra for fitness, urs seems to be perfect cos ur chest doen’t go up and down when u exercise

  6. 2608giz says:

    oh geez, do this a few times and you got your cardio covered 😉
    Great job, and thanks! Love the new look on the website

  7. reconbarbo says:

    more jogging

  8. andres49498 says:

    mucha ropa

  9. Taronga says:

    same here

  10. Yazza0 says:

    woooow. i love her booody

  11. jujajun99 says:

    i gotta imagine that the jumps are good for your calves to go w/ a calves workout? Can I ask if this does help in calf development?

    TIA & great vids! So glad I found u.

  12. maconroidz says:

    in my opinion, an absolutely perfect physique for a woman!

  13. icool001 says:

    strong girl

  14. BloodLust6969 says:

    i would hate to live underneath her in an apartment

  15. mouass says:

    WTF!?!. I had to watch this four time to actually see your warm up. Was side tracked the first three times. Gotta say after actually watching the video good context. Good job.

  16. MSLI says:

    I want you too be my personal trainer! You look so damn hot!

  17. DimitriNakos says:

    proof that being fit helps u look damn good. Fat girls pls watch.

  18. Animozity says:

    i was extremely distracted by something during this video.

  19. joshdaugherty1111 says:

    Some are good and I think some are useless. But alot of these you’ll see football players do for their warm up, especially the high knees jogging type exercise.

  20. shoes242 says:

    you a gorgeous…what nationality?

  21. PoBoySlimrocks says:

    Thank you. I must say though, that after i did the warm up, i was shot and never got round to the actual training, lol.

  22. Quetzalcoytl says:


  23. Darkqueen106 says:

    Thank You! I found this very helpful!:)

  24. nightycrow says:

    im pretty sure she’s in the basement!

  25. bassballr says:

    Not only the nicest body a woman can have but the determination you have anyone could idolize. Your smarts on the subject are truly helpful. Modest you are, and beautiful indeed. I would love to meet you.

  26. shlongodds says:

    mmm yummy…i mean nice workout!!!

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