Fitness – Boot Camp Workout 6: Santana Push Ups

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For the complete boot camp workout and all of Zuzana’s other fitness and exercise video tips visit: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Boot Camp Workout 6: Santana Push Ups”
  1. PunKilla911 says:

    Even if she is a lady she is pretty lucky 🙂 eh XD

  2. darkblood2006 says:


  3. TheVkvkvk says:

    hope! ur cameramen enjoys ur workout

  4. SuperChicChick says:

    wow i want to look like that…she’s amazingly dedicated…

  5. BrokenBrilliance says:

    makes you want to be a camera man doesn’t it?

  6. manxblerg says:

    DAMN!….She is hot! a lot of girls need to learn from you.

  7. naponthebeach says:

    Yeah crossfit! PS. Gym Jones has a workout kind of like this but two times harder called renegade man makers. Bad ass workout.

  8. Checker1O1 says:

    T ups!

  9. sloppymantis says:

    indeed.. truly remarkable

  10. IonicGell200 says:

    love her body.

  11. WiAmp says:

    Heeey … this is the “Nintendo Wii Fit” Pushup 🙂

  12. Bamvizoolakaer says:

    …anyone notice all of the cleavage angles?

  13. vanitalboyd says:

    This exercise looks awesome. I think I would combine a squat with a bicep curl and then the outer thigh lift. What do you guy’s think?

  14. TacticalFitOrmond says:

    Stay strong and slender? CrossFit!

  15. Rockin says:

    lol filthy fifty…screw the 300!! 300 is only equal to 300 reps in the whole workout…filthy fifty equals 500..death!

  16. Emericaman500 says:

    3 more times! damn girl your crazy

  17. SonBloederName says:

    she must be fitter than madonna!

  18. USAFRedflag says:

    OMG…I am doing P90X right now…and was looking for different ideas, for the off days of the program…Now I feel majorly turned on, I’m sorry!!! But the camera man is a male 4 sho!

  19. mikehoncho73 says:

    please westboarder, no!! i couldn’t afford her! she’s priceless…

  20. kirbygene says:


  21. MarkAkAMarkinator says:

    After I watched this all shouldn’t there be a warm-up…
    And aren’t you gonna use the purple ball?

    PS: Like the others sayed your really hot =]

  22. greedybox says:

    u r still hot

  23. Sheak04 says:

    nice work cameraman

  24. warchief20 says:

    if you ever want to test your fitness and see if its actually good for anything, check out crossfit. it more like a sport to test your limits.

  25. Zubirrex says:

    Don’t quit. Do what you can do. If you find yourself worn out halfway through, cut the number of reps of the first exercises until you can do the whole workout, even if it’s just 3 reps per excercise. You’ll work up naturally.

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