Female Fitness Model Training Tips

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


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26 Responses to “Female Fitness Model Training Tips”
  1. Pia says:

    She has a lovely face… but, I dunno, her neck looks too long(?).

  2. 21russom says:

    vince tell me it wasnt hard to keep eye contact with this girl

  3. Elvception1979 says:

    love u

  4. TheCorbinfanatic says:

    it don’t seem like she’s really answering his questions lol

  5. firmechicano831 says:

    If she’s single I’m available.

  6. urbanraida says:

    He started off the interview OK and then as it went on he slowly unraveled, totally sucked in by her hotness.

    And who could blame him? She was hotter than California sunshine, dang!

  7. vietguy808 says:


    i agree… but i wonder whts her real personality other than in front of the camera…hot girls with the snob attitudes, suck

  8. knetasimmons says:

    This is the day for BBw women naneedj.info

  9. dickiedik5 says:

    sex… hahaha sorry, i horny now

  10. nuwanisamadi says:

    A new massage from Russian women #leefoxnow.info#

  11. YvetteV19 says:

    please stop referring to women as “female.” Female and woman are no interchangeable. Female can mean dog, cat, hamster, etc…

  12. BvSix says:


  13. sarahiashl says:

    We provide BBW online real women naneedj.info

  14. injune5 says:

    @fruitskeletons it’s a sublime message manz.. if u’re fit n healthy, u’ll hav better chance to meet with hot people..

  15. TheChynalynn says:

    @fruitskeletons they are not giving specifics if anyone noticed. blah blah blah

  16. kathryn120 says:

    @Catster00 32 doesn’t look like it used to.

  17. TAINAGREEN2009 says:

    @Esoparagon daats for the muscles to pop out more, they have to do that before they can compete

  18. friskygabe says:

    i give her 19:))

  19. fruitskeletons says:

    this is hardly helpful

  20. Cancunn187 says:

    great beat off material

  21. RussX5Z says:

    Wow she’s perfect from the inside and out!! Now that’s a real BEAUTIFUL woman!!!

  22. yin0625 says:

    damn it! SHE IS HOT!

  23. TosunTosun76 says:

    nice boobicles

  24. Esoparagon says:

    That fake tan looks gross lol

  25. Jahkillian says:

    Its easier on diet when you include cardio.

  26. nicangeles says:

    agree 100%

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