Fat Burning Cardio Workout for Home, Office or Travel

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


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25 Responses to “Fat Burning Cardio Workout for Home, Office or Travel”
  1. TheJamma84 says:

    This is a great video. As I viewed it i got really anxious to give it a try. My workout group will be doing this for sure

  2. sommerlive says:

    which better using treadmill or using jump rope ?

  3. JoJoLePoteATaMere says:

    do you do that for only like 5 min or for like 20-30 min ?

  4. kulgan18 says:

    The up and downs are perfect for me…I work out at home so i don’t have a lot of room, and i haven’t gotten any machines.
    But why do you mix them up with the jump rope?. Couldn’t the cardio just be one of the 2?.

  5. SlappyPwnsAss says:

    Thanks ALOT dude! i can do this perfectly, with no difficulties and i actually feel my body working. Hope i see results =)

  6. he3rtbrok3n says:

    how much weight can a person lose if they do this for a month or two?

  7. sistube714 says:

    @HomeFitnessTV if you’re 14 how many calories would you burn from doing this workout once a day? I’m not fat, but I just want to look a tiny bit better in a bikini for summer.

  8. HomeFitnessTV says:

    @KILLAKINLAW459 Nahhh… Try jumping-jacks.

  9. HomeFitnessTV says:

    @AlmereTheHague Depends what I’m doing during that hour.

  10. HomeFitnessTV says:

    @mahem46 Absolutely!

  11. KILLAKINLAW459 says:

    i was wondering if running in place with some dumbbells in hand can replace the jump rope?

  12. dauntSilver says:

    I am fully capable of jumping rope, however I had never thought of the sock with tennis balls in them idea before. I actually do not have tennis balls, so I put a small handful of pennies in the sock. Now, to my surprise, this actually works my shoulders pretty good while im skipping imaginary rope. Normal jump ropes would never work my shoulders, but I can feel it real good with socks and pennies after a while. Id highly recommend people to experiment with this idea.

  13. Ir0nF1st924 says:

    @Rek999999999 there is no such thing as spot fat removal. your body decides where to pull the fat from

  14. d00msdayx says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  15. AlmereTheHague says:


    How many calories do you burn in one hour ?

  16. mahem46 says:

    could you replace the jump rope with jumping jacks if you dont have a jump rope?

  17. stevenwebbwebbw says:

    I’ve only Been doing this for a week and im seeing results!

  18. fitnesskid15 says:

    good advice and quality instruction!

  19. CiaoBello21 says:

    We have the same computer table. Speaking of it, you gotta change your fat pc screen haha.

  20. TheGreatSteal says:

    your friends were right
    you do have a great face for radio 🙂
    thanks for sharing great Fat Burning Cardio Workout

  21. paulkiss1981 says:

    Simple and effective. My respect, mate

  22. Tranquilitty says:

    @Rek999999999 dude you cant choose where to lose weight

  23. sergeynem says:

    @HomeFitnessTV how old are you???

  24. PorgandSimo says:

    Hmm i have a question what if i would only do like a solid 1h of jumprope jumps with some brakes ? would that be a good cardio workout 🙂 ?

  25. NIFootie2010 says:

    Cheers mate I’m gonna do this alot

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