Exercise video: SGT Ken’s “Dive Bomber Push-up”

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


The Dive Bomber Push-up is an advanced push-up exercise that targets chest, arms, abdominals, back and legs. It is a whole body workout in one exercise. Use this fitness drill to double your strength, stamina and flexibility in 30 days! HOOAH! *Assumes no association with the US ARMY or the Department of Defense.

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25 Responses to “Exercise video: SGT Ken’s “Dive Bomber Push-up””
  1. telemetricsT says:

    I really don’t consider myself particularly fit these days, and I’ve barely trained anything at all for the last year or so. Still I find these surprisingly easy. Even though I can NOT do 411 regular pushups in a row (like this guy wrote he can in another video).

    I wonder if it’s because I used to train pretty hard in martial arts, from a couple of years back. Maybe some muscles I am used to targeting are key here.

  2. go4hydro says:

    hahaha right b4 i watched this video i was thinking ” i wonder if hes heard of the hindu push ups”

  3. 6400loser says:

    Thanks a bunch!

  4. legu333 says:

    is he really a sgt or fake?

  5. Patriccckkkkk says:


  6. startfitness says:

    @ANGAD32911 We have nutrition tips on National Guard website! Email me from my email address on the main channel for START Fitness. Hope this helps! Hooah!

  7. ANGAD32911 says:

    i follow your exercises all day and focus on maintaining my form …. works real good for me …. thanks srg …
    p.s- why dont you give some tips on a good diet or food tips or something … thank you sir

  8. startfitness says:

    @kareem14 Don’t compromise your form. Hope this helps! – Staff Sergeant Ken Weichert

  9. kareem14 says:

    What do you mean by dont compromise your forearms, you say that in every video.

    When you feel a burn in your forearms isnt that good; meaning your building muscle?

    Or by that do you mean straining the wrist ?

  10. Adilinar9000 says:

    Sit ups, crunches and good eating habits.

  11. xZatoichix says:

    i actually do these in martial arts….i think they are really useful

  12. maky992 says:

    I’ ve been doing this pushups..and it’s great.. :)))

  13. BF2mods says:

    his triceps look like baloons, awesome!

  14. emsjv says:

    30 Without having to compromise my form. Lol he probably does much more then that.

  15. icharuswing says:

    that’s where i feel it

  16. icharuswing says:


  17. candiez115 says:

    these are great..im a personal trainer and have a 70 year old client who can do 15 perfect ones…he used to be in the army and is still strong..amazing

  18. theFortyOne says:


  19. metaljix says:

    this is great but is there a way like those to help lose stomach fat or the belly ?

  20. LJMx says:

    Is this working the shoulders?

  21. IncredibleArz says:

    nice one, sarge!

  22. garbagepikr says:

    should my heels be planted on the floor?

  23. garbagepikr says:

    Are these the only excercises you do including other body weight excercises? or do you go to a gym, and take like protein supplements?

  24. Lahed92801 says:

    GOSH. I can do a set of 50 clipped wings but i could only do 15 of these! DEMN! And I can feel it in my abs 😛 Thanks Sarge!

    -Cadet Tech Sarge Jesena

  25. smoku46 says:

    i heard its chinese pushup

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