Exercise video: SGT Ken’s Arms Extensions with SPRI Tubing

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


The Arms Extension drill targets the Triceps using the Ultratoner by SPRI products. Sometimes called “Lunch Lady Arms,” use this exercise to eliminate the loose feeling in the bottoms of your arms between your elbows and shoulders. Hooah! *Assumes no association with the US ARMY or the Department of Defense.

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25 Responses to “Exercise video: SGT Ken’s Arms Extensions with SPRI Tubing”
  1. lemonbery says:

    @startfitness I had a great time learning! HOOAH!

  2. startfitness says:

    @lemonbery I had a great time training the students at Merino High School in Merino, Colorado, today! Their fantastic attitudes and spirit made the presentations easy to accomplish. HOOAH!

  3. lemonbery says:

    SGT. ken came to my School today

  4. Evangel359 says:

    thanks for the excerise, im doing whatever i can t oget ready for Army ROTC, hooah!

  5. AlexIsUber says:

    hes a beast!

  6. firesniper20 says:

    HOOAH!! lmao

  7. SharmetaB says:

    Yeah I do these

  8. yankeesangel03 says:


  9. startfitness says:


  10. MadShogun1981 says:

    thanks very much for posting your helpful videos. hooah!

  11. startfitness says:

    I use the tubing five days per week. HOOAH!

  12. berylman says:

    This is good stuff. No nonsense and very practical.

  13. 86drill says:

    Hey SGT Ken. I gotta quick question. How many times would you suggest these routines be done within a week with the resistance band? HOOAH!

  14. 08bballFMHS says:

    dude if you did every thing this guy said u would be so in shape!!

  15. sullyb23511 says:

    What brand of fitness tube would you recommend? How heavy of a resistance woudl you recommend to start with?

  16. startfitness says:

    We have many more videos on our website portal. Email me directly for some PDF’s and links to our new site at sgtken at iostudio dot com. HOOAH!

  17. TuxcifieD says:

    hi, i got some weight to lose on my belley and im woondering what some good exercises are for that. thanks and HOOAH!

  18. tersian says:

    Congrats! HOOAH!

  19. startfitness says:

    Our new materials (Video and Audio) are being posted on 1800GoGuard dot com under the fitness section. The National Guard picked up the education program for future products. So, it’s coming soon! HOOAH!

  20. tersian says:

    Can you show us what the “Turn and Bounce” exercise is? REF: NCO manual and other sources for improving fitness assesment score.

  21. startfitness says:

    Great idea! We’ll get on it! HOOAH!

  22. rantsid529 says:

    Can you post a video on pull ups please. Thank you!


  23. startfitness says:

    Awesome! We have many more videos coming soon! HOOAH!

  24. DanDaCanadian says:

    Sweet, I’ve been trying to find a way to work on the triceps easily.

  25. sdarms111 says:

    Dude, you got some GUNS!

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