5 Tips to Improve Your Health & Help Your Doctor, Holistic Natural Medicine

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


5 Tips to Improve Your Health & Help Your Doctor, Holistic Natural Medicine Desiree Scorcelletti, A holistic health educator discusses the importance of taking responsibility for our own health instead of relying completely on doctors and other medical professionals. The danger of blindly trusting your doctor to just fix you or expecting him to have a magic pill to solve every issue for every symptom. These 5 tips are a great start to taking control of and improving your health. Although it may seem intimidating, you can improve your condition and meet your doctor half-way so you can really improve your health. Find out how a holistic approach to health care and wellness might be beneficial. This self care technique is designed help reduce toxins and improve nutrition to aid in man’s and woman’s health. Reducing toxins from your diet and taking a holistic approach can reduce health risks and disease. Related Videos: Holistic Health Tips, Your Body As A Garden; Natural Medicine For Wellness www.youtube.com Is Your Doctor Duping You? Can You Trust Your Doctor? Holistic Natural Medicine www.youtube.com This video was produced by Psychetruth www.youtube.com www.twitter.com www.facebook.com www.myspace.com © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. tips improve health help doctor holistic your body natural medicine wellness desiree scorcelletti happy more healthy nutrition fitness symptom pain ache self treatment diy woman’s man’s heart howto “how to” free

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26 Responses to “5 Tips to Improve Your Health & Help Your Doctor, Holistic Natural Medicine”
  1. Svencore24 says:

    She looks healthy!

  2. cdnp4p says:

    @DiversePersona He probably is. But he doesnt know because hes most likely a huge idiot.

  3. aquia80 says:

    This is very helpful, thank you!

  4. gwed0 says:

    @SDMFTrueBlue How can a doctor effectively treat disease when they have no understanding of how the human body functions under homeostatic conditions? I apologize for any agitation I may have caused you but when I see comments such as yours…the pompous “you’re not qualified because you’re not a P.h.D” it really blows my mind. The fact that she’s NOT a P.h.D makes her more qualified to talk about health because she hasn’t been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical textbooks in medical school, etc.

  5. gwed0 says:

    @SDMFTrueBlue Good Health = Nutrition, Degenerative Health = Pharmaceutical “Medicine”
    Do doctors save lives in emergency situations? Yes absolutely…if I get into a car wreck give me drugs and surgery to save my life. But when it comes to preventing disease they fail miserably. They treat disease symptomatically and do not cure the root cause of the problem. It’s actually rather frightening that they see it as a business model. Take this cholesterol pill for the rest of your life :/

  6. 4michael22 says:

    Are you on Twitter?

  7. SDMFTrueBlue says:

    @gwed0 Ignorance, eh? Let me ask you- is a doctor qualified to talk about health? Yes. Is a doctor qualified to talk about nutrition? No. Medical school has very little emphasis on nutrition. There is a very distinguishable difference between the two.

  8. gwed0 says:

    @SDMFTrueBlue If you’re such an intelligent human then why would you choose to represent yourself through such an ignorant comment? Doctors do not receive any nutritional training so how are they qualified to talk about health?

  9. DemonicSymphonic says:

    mmmm baby

  10. SDMFTrueBlue says:

    @gwed0 I’ll be sure to remember that. Oh wait, my working brain is recognized by Magna Cum Laude, Golden Key International Honour Society, and a 3.83 GPA in my graduate degree- Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) in Mental Health Counseling. My suggestion is that you try weighing your intelligence against the person you prematurely judge. Clearly your brain lacks the ability to measure outcomes.

  11. gwed0 says:

    @SDMFTrueBlue Since when is it required to have a P.h.D in order to talk about health? It sounds like you lack the capability to weigh information against your constitution. If you have a working brain, then use it.

  12. TomMarAlem1987 says:

    I shall like a video to be recorded about the medical benefits to fasting in the following manner: From dawn to dusk total abstention from food, water and drinks of any kind and from sexual activity for 29 days consecutive.

  13. TomMarAlem1987 says:

    The following are the videos you can view:

  14. moviedude22 says:


  15. JJB0891 says:

    why is she in her jim-jams ?

  16. jjmontoyag says:

    @bluesgurugod this guy hit nirvana

  17. FloydIV says:

    Smoke a bowl!
    (Too harsh?)
    (Too weird tasting)
    Bake it!

    Marijuana 😀

  18. screwopenborders says:

    @DiversePersona Its good to get a second opinion.

  19. brentpieczynski says:

    @DiversePersona If your doctor is a Psychiatrist then you are correct, death through progressive mutilation is so profitable.

  20. themeaningoflife38 says:

    love her long time

  21. dinnerandashow says:

    Why are women with faces of 12 year girls so popular?

  22. bluesgurugod says:

    1. Lift off shirt
    2. remove bra
    3. drop skirt
    4. remove undies
    5. spread legs

    That will improve my health… for sure!

  23. nonchalantd says:

    you remind me of Claire Danes

  24. MorpheusWasRight says:

    a thumb up the bum!

  25. KoreanSeaBass says:

    @DiversePersona wouldnt be surprised

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