3 shocking six pack abs tips

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Click here to get abs: bit.ly Do you want to know how to get a six pack? Do you want to know what the best “six pack diet” is? Are you looking to find the best six pack abs exercises, and six pack abs workouts? If you are then, great! You’re watching the right video 🙂 In this one, Dan and I talk about the 3 biggest KEYS to getting six pack abs. We tell you: — The biggest WORKOUT HABIT that you need to get six pack abs. It’s surprisingly simple, but it’s THE most important factor in whether or not you’re going to get a six pack — The biggest six pack abs DIET factor in your success. Hint: it’s not what you think! — How to ensure you eat healthy for an entire WEEK (it just takes 90 minutes and you are GUARANTEED to stay on track!) — How to get a six pack by making this one small “mental shift.” Many guys don’t realize the importance your mindset has on getting a six pack. But once you make this one small but CRITICAL mental adjustment, you’ll get your six pack abs much faster and easier. And if you want to get serious about getting a ripped body and six pack abs, I recommend using “Afterburn Training.” Afterburn Training is my patented style of training that combines heavy, compound lifts with high intensity cardio. I made a free video giving the scientific proof for why Afterburn Training gets you abs faster than any other way, and showing you exactly how you can use it in your workout. Check it out here: bit.ly

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25 Responses to “3 shocking six pack abs tips”
  1. berzurk says:

    Keep up the good work guys! a lot of people out there are so uneducated of being in shape.

  2. mackey2k11 says:

    @StepDubMr you realy dnt av a life, sad bastard :L

  3. TechnomTigerGeek says:

    i got a question can somebody be soo skinny that they have 6 packs without doing anything or can people even get 6 packs without even doing anything or trying?

  4. StepDubMr says:

    @mackey2k11 Two weeks later you still can’t spell. :/

  5. mackey2k11 says:

    @StepDubMr shut the fuck up ya retard

  6. StepDubMr says:

    @mackey2k11 It would be great if you could spell 🙂

  7. michaelhotmail9 says:

    mikes arms are massive .

  8. lichghost says:

    this is a joke

    first key be sterodiods

  9. pureADD says:

    Mike’s got such big pecks he wears a training bra?

  10. angelolzTV says:

    just move workout and dont be lazy and eat healthy, nuff said, there is nooo short cuts

  11. lxJookeRxl says:

    by consistency you mean everyday do abs excerises like if i go to the gym 6 days all 6days do abs??

  12. DBZdumbass555 says:

    @lextasy88 no its a farmers tan

  13. aidenmckinnon says:

    i just do 100 sit ups every night after a month i might change it to 200 every night

  14. aidenmckinnon says:

    i just do 100 sit ups every night

  15. iammt00 says:

    are you brothers

  16. syther69 says:

    @Weezyfan82 Idiot video hadn’t been up for 3 weeks after you wrote that

  17. freshbeats31 says:

    lol the only work out so it can fill the void that they have small penises

  18. lextasy88 says:

    guy on the right has fake arm

  19. numnutth says:

    can you recommend some meals?

  20. PakitoonDeen says:

    @hotterth4nhell What you hear is total crap. I’m 16 and I take protein, it doesn’t stunt your growth. Protein is needed naturally as a resource for your body. Don’t worry, it is just a rumor.

  21. ccmerope says:

    ohhhh…why cant more asian men look like you two?

  22. 123CDNmrD says:

    what if you only eat 1-2 a day, would i have to do less of a workout or more of a intense workout?

  23. TheBloodysk8 says:

    @Weezyfan82 well i think it really depends like if you are like fat, average, or skinny.

  24. aliboy483 says:

    Definitely agreed with the second point. Got to pre-plan your meals, no ways around it. You won’t reach 5-6 meals per day if you don’t prepare your meals beforehand, it’s just not possible for a North American’s average life.

  25. Weezyfan82 says:

    @baviperbry86 Ooooh yeah BROTHER!!!!

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