3 QUICK Tips + Exercises to Increase Your Bench Press 100% (Build Muscle in the Gym or Fat Loss)

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


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21 Responses to “3 QUICK Tips + Exercises to Increase Your Bench Press 100% (Build Muscle in the Gym or Fat Loss)”
  1. fedexmol says:

    How do I increase my awesomeness to your level?

  2. mckricks1 says:

    @tagert24 do different variants of push ups and ab exercises?

  3. bulllbertt says:

    justin bieber, fail tag….

  4. OmarIsuf says:

    @paulthecoolest I’m going to reply to this because that book (Maximum Strength by Eric Cressey) is a great resource, Cressey is great for mobility and strength and other peeps should see this, thanks dude

  5. paulthecoolest says:

    @pooponhoop kid, i cant even bench my body weight ..can just barely lift 45 kg .. and i am into 3 months of training….most oif which were useless bodybuilding training ..if you want real strength ..Do strength training ..and start by reading practical programming and maximum strength by eric cressey ..Juist 1 week into my new traiing have already gained 12.lbs in squat ..

  6. pooponhoop says:

    @Therealstuff6 thats cool whats ur max mine is 210, i bet u lift a lot if you can do 10reps of 210

  7. Therealstuff6 says:

    @pooponhoop im 14 and can bench 210 and wiegh 150 but nah thats not really bad your alright as long as you can do body wieght

  8. 123beehealthy says:

    @tagert24 deff get an exercise ball, they are a great investment, I absolutely love mine!

  9. deem650 says:

    do you go to a local small gym? i thought cameras are banned at gyms

  10. guardianjuan says:

    your so sweaty in this video it made me get a boner…

  11. tagert24 says:

    Omar, couldja make a video with some good compound exercises in that don’t need gym equipment n stuff? because I can rarely get to a gym, so the only exercise I tend to do is cardio

  12. OmarIsuf says:

    @pooponhoop As the other dude said, I’m joking! I was just imitating typical gym talk!

  13. iAMxWiL says:

    When he says there is something wrong with you if you can’t bench 200 he is probably slightly joking and talking about a fully grown man that has been going to the gym for a while – don’t worry, you are only 14.
    I have only been going to my gm for 4 months and can’t bench 200. By that I mean I can’t do 3 sets of 10 reps of it.

  14. noobshot1 says:

    Great vid,

  15. pooponhoop says:

    im 14male i bench 160 and i weigh 140 is that bad that i cant bench 200?

  16. avatarcollides2day says:

    Hell yes it will double

    -Signed your left hand

  17. SuperFakeandGay says:

    @avatarcollides2day if i go say 4 times in one day will it increase my strength EVEN more?

    -Signed your right hand.

  18. blondecrazygaijin says:

    Your vids were already excellent but your new voice-over technique has really provided a major improvement. This is really helping.

  19. avatarcollides2day says:

    Just jack off at least twice a day and ull increase your strength!

  20. luv6pup says:

    Great job! Thumbs up!

  21. serpakovski says:

    great video

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