Weight loss & Health 1of2. Plus Size Chic Fashion Tips and Tricks Episode 10 Fat and Fabulous

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Link to my Fat & Fabulous Blog, so much more! www.fatandfabulousfashion.com Follow me on Twitter! @FatandFabulous1 My Vintage Fashion Blog! hautehippiebucketlife.blogspot.com Tumblr OOTD: fatandfabulousfashion.tumblr.com Fat & Fabulous, is within the Plus Size community, advocating awareness,tolerance, and acceptance. Plus Size Fashion & News Channel. Spreading the good word on why we should embrace ourselves, and how! This Episode: The 10th episode of a series I am doing on fashion forward tips and tricks for fashonista plus size women! This episode is Part 1 of 4, and includes weight loss tips, tricks, and tools to get true results, the healthy gimick free way! Enjoy, please leave comments and questions, and check back for many more episodes to come!

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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14 Responses to “Weight loss & Health 1of2. Plus Size Chic Fashion Tips and Tricks Episode 10 Fat and Fabulous”
  1. cuttybuttermilk says:

    @flowergold21 awwwwww, thank you, truely. I need the love! lol, I have plenty more coming this week on diet and nutrition, and fashion! so please stay tuned!!
    xoxo Anne

  2. cuttybuttermilk says:

    @TheFluffyGirl14 I know!!!!! but it is so important, and it will get eaiser I promise. You will get used to it, and have so much more energy and feeling of fullness throughout the day!! Thank so much love!! xoxo

  3. cuttybuttermilk says:

    @Pink7Butterfly YES! That is what the ENTIRE next vlog is about so stay tuned till Monday!!!!

  4. Pink7Butterfly says:

    can you give like an example menu…for example eat this at 6 am…and then eat this at 9 and so on…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. TheFluffyGirl14 says:

    yay! Thanks so much for this video! So helpful! Its really hard to eat those 6 small meals, because sometimes it feels like the continuous eating every 2 or 3 hours is like binging! Great tips, i love your videos! Can’t wait for the next ones! 😀

  6. flowergold21 says:

    i’m so proud of ur success. looking forward to the helpful tools of ur success. i definitely need them.

  7. cuttybuttermilk says:

    @YostBride11 awww I love you! I cut it in 2 and am posting the second portion shortly! Thank u so much for the support, I have so much coming up for you guys, I am so excited!!! xo Anne

  8. cuttybuttermilk says:

    @palefaceintheshadows Such a good point. I am actually a veggie too. I am apprehensive about the diet portion of this blog as it might not help meat eaters too much, but I will still post it! It is so different being veggie, but many of the same principals hold true. I am posting the next video shortly! thanks for the comment!!

  9. cuttybuttermilk says:

    @missrockstar22 thank you love! so excited to upload more!!! I have so much more to share!

  10. cuttybuttermilk says:

    @amarige25 thank you so much love. I am so thankful!!! I subed your channel!! PS Mya Ang. is my FAV!

  11. amarige25 says:

    You are such an inspiration. I know what ur doing is from the heart. Check out my channel. I will definitely be watching urs. Thank u and good luck with everything.

  12. missrockstar22 says:

    Excellent hun, I really cant wait to see more <3 🙂

  13. palefaceintheshadows says:

    I am a vegetarian so its hard for me to get all of the right nutrients that i need without taking in too many calories. So i am planning to start taking vitamin b-12 or b-complex to help boost my metabolism since most people get those vitamins from the meat they eat and its rare to find in any plant life. just thought id share for any other veggies on this journey.

  14. YostBride11 says:

    It looks like you got cut off at the end- Noooo! I want more! lol I hope you’ll repost the rest! So inspirational! 🙂

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