Self-Improvement Tips : How to Be Mysterious

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

To become mysterious, do interesting things, keep secrets and wear unique clothes. Learn to be mysterious with tips from professional psychologist in this free video about self-improvement tips. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and He is also the author of ‘Dynamic Dating’ and ‘Boomer Girls, a Women’s Guide to Men and Dating.’ Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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25 Responses to “Self-Improvement Tips : How to Be Mysterious”
  1. thethirdq says:

    I really enjoyed the video and could not help but think you have studied the third Q

  2. thethirdq says:

    I really enjoyed the video and could not help but think you have studied the third Q

  3. Vaimaru says:

    this guy is a crackpot !

  4. Vaimaru says:

    @ChrisK513 lmfao! good luck with that – tell me how it goes lmao!

  5. Vaimaru says:

    wtf? is this guy for real?

  6. vickyyy1991 says:

    this doesnt help a bit

  7. supersloth21 says:

    LOLOLOL GAAAAYEST THING I HAVE SEEN ON YOUTUBE! THIS WILL ON TOSH.0!!! Mark the date June 1, 2011!! I predict it…

  8. CBRYANT006 says:

    Dr Phil stole all this mans shit!!! lmao

  9. ManhattanMusician says:

    Hmmm. What can I say?

  10. Casshern1100 says:

    uuummm…you don’t have to dress goth to be mysterious…D-bag…

  11. polopopable says:

    he speaks like droopy.. really boring..

  12. Necroman666 says:

    I’m cracking up watching his videos

  13. thehapagirl92 says:

    I think I’m too mysterious which is a bad thing.

  14. kurdishleader says:

    Lol wannabe Playboy owner

  15. falconpunchified says:

    So, mysterious = subtle braggart. How disappointing.

  16. MyHumanLife2011 says:

    watch this when you are HIIIIIIIGH!

  17. egglot12 says:

    This dude cracks me up!

  18. jnnlis says:

    Why would you teach people to play games?dr. Paul is crazy but his videos are hilarious.

  19. steverid says:

    Yes, let’s all be “mysterious”. Let’s not just be honest & be ourselves. Let us all just fake our way through life to attract that other person by being “mysterious”……because after all….we are all nosy & we all just want to know that “secret”. What a douch Dr. Paul is. I’m sure he’s become very wealthy with this sort of drivel.

  20. bodypowr says:

    i lost a few IQ points after watching this…

  21. shiba420ho says:

    This guys must be boring as balls.

  22. misterogers says:

    So you are saying if you want to be mysterious lead people on. Wearing black and being gothic doesn’t make you mysterious, just an ant that stick out on a log.

  23. jasonmpack says:

    lol, “Navel Intellegence”

  24. Hypnixio says:

    this guy is fucking pro

  25. jocam32 says:

    1:36…nice mysterious smile there doc…NOT!!!

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