Most Common Mistake Made When Applying Sunscreen

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! Concealer. Cleanser. Sunscreen. Blush. Moisturizer. The list of ointments and makeup that women can apply to their face goes on and on, and the order in which they should be applied isn’t so intuitive. Should you apply your sunscreen first or last? What about everything else? Dr. Schultz will explain the proper order for applying everything and why. Transcription The most common mistake that women make in using their sunscreen is not putting it on first on their skin before their moisturizer and their make-up. Many women think, and I understand, that if their sunscreen is closer to the sun on top of their other products, then it will work better and protect them better from the sun. But the reality is, for sunscreens to work, they have to be the first thing applied to the skin because they have to bind to the skin, and there’s a chemical reaction that occurs that makes the sunscreen effective. So please put your sunscreen on first, then apply your moisturizer and then apply your make-up.

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20 Responses to “Most Common Mistake Made When Applying Sunscreen”
  1. crazieecool says:

    If I apply my sunscreen first, will the benefits of my moisturizer still reach my skin?

  2. LoveRice79 says:

    Hi there 😀 i have a question, sunscreen should still be applied after a toner right? and how about if i have serums and other concentrates, would it be better to apply sunscreen after serum and before moisturizer, or the reverse? thank you 🙂

  3. TheCamGal says:

    I have Eczema , shd I apply my medication 1st or still sunblock ? This includes my body as well

  4. ohai1990 says:

    @NicoleNightly what moisturizer do you use? thats a great idea! haha no fuss! <3

  5. ohai1990 says:

    Thank you doctor! You give amazing advice and are a great inspiration for aspiring dermatologists

  6. anonamemiss says:

    My sunscreen is spf 35 but my makeup has an spf of 20. Which one should I put on first? Will it make a difference?

  7. NicoleNightly says:

    This is why my sunscreen is my moisturizer, no fuss

  8. piggiesmalls4 says:

    why wasn’t i aware of the importance of sunscreen until i discovered the youtube beauty community about two years ago -_- for years, i “tanned” in the middle of summer with only a SPF 4 on my face! FML

  9. ToxicMagic23 says:

    will sunscream cause acne?

  10. bengalicutee says:

    Heard it somewhere thAT u shouldn’t apply sunscreen under ur eyes or in da eye area. Becuz it can burn the skin. Is this true???

  11. atlantidaorca says:

    I think I do it right, but I do put hydrating serum before the sunscreen because it´s totally liquid and serums are ment to sink in the skin if I´m not mistaken, right?

  12. loveNlipgloss says:

    your videos have been so helpful!! i’ve been doing so many things wrong in my skincare routine!

  13. snatchcandies says:

    Ok, could you also summarise certain ingredients in skin care products that are applied after the sunscreen that can interact with ingredients in the sunscreen and make it less effective? Hope you get my question. Thanks!

  14. dermTVdotcom says:

    @snatchcandies Since SPF ratings are achieved with no other skincare products under them to the skin, usually I recommend applying all sunscreen products to the skin as the first product applied to ensure the protection of the spf rating.

  15. snatchcandies says:

    I’ve heard that, physical sunscreens should be applied on the face last and only chemical sunscreens should be applied first, is that right?

  16. BabyGirlxBina says:

    I have a really oily face so when I apply sunscreen I tend to look like a grease ball. I’ve seen alot of girls use milk of magnesia to control their oils. I was just wondering if it was safe to use milk of magnesia on your face.

  17. dermTVdotcom says:

    @CranberryY It’s most likely that you don’t need to apply two moisturizers, so I would suggest just applying the one with SPF in it. But if you want to apply another layer of moisturizer on top, it doesn’t take away from the efficacy of the first moisturizing sunscreen.

  18. CranberryY says:

    what about tinted moisturizers with spf? i guess this doesnt work with additional moisturizer which i also apply

  19. dermTVdotcom says:

    @fluffho: The words are usually used interchangeably, however some people refer to traditional chemical-based sunscreens as “sunscreen” and newer “chem-free” sunscreens as sunblock. I recommend to my patients that in order to get the maximum protection, they apply both sunscreen and sunblock (as described above) first.

  20. fluffho says:

    very helpful. is there a difference between sunscreen and sunblock?

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