Fitness – Upper Body Workout: Triceps Exercises

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Upper Body Workout: Triceps Exercises”
  1. TheSwiftmeister says:

    muahahahah its all about the upper body strength brute strength is what its all about not these silly six packs but the MUSCLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAwR

  2. aprilstar says:

    You can not target certain places to lose fat. Your body decides where it loses the weight. The best thing to do is to do an overall body workout and cardio.

  3. laxmeeshy says:

    Thanks …U have a marvelous body …

  4. MarQu3 says:

    she is beautiful!

  5. HUIKLHUIKL says:

    She is HOT!!!!!!!!!

  6. JMPR0DUCTI0N says:

    one of thee sexiest girl ive ever seen!

  7. painesvillesandman says:

    That’s a good variation of the skull crusher, I’m used to seeing them done with an ez curl bar. I’ll have to try that one.

  8. tisaacso3625 says:

    good god.

  9. mattalessi2112 says:

    Depends what you’re going for. Cardio is what will burn fat. If you want to build muscle, then thats what weights are for. Whatever weight you feel comfortable with will tone your triceps in time, but cardio is what will remove the fat so you can see the muscle


    you look sexy

  11. SaDizTiKStyLeZ says:

    Whatever you feel most comfortable starting off with. I don’t have anything less than 10’s, and probably wouldn’t get as much of a burn from these exercises if anything less.

  12. eyeore02 says:

    I’m trying to lose the fat off my arms. should I only use light weights like 4 pounds? or should I do set using 4 pounds then do a set 8 pound weights?

  13. Keenan4life says:

    You are hot lady! So is your accent! Keep it up ^^

  14. nywebdiva says:

    8 lbs

  15. womanmuscle says:


  16. bluebottle1974 says:

    what weight are you using?

  17. EssedariusMaiestas says:

    Superb tricep workout!

    I see you’re going into full extention with the dumbell deflect.. I may have to go lighter on my weight then because I can barely hit full extention.


  18. VeNeM999 says:

    god you look like rhona mitra, so hot

  19. Speedrider18 says:

    you are hot… 😉

  20. neophytes says:

    nah definetly nike
    i didnt even notice adidas until you said somethin
    i noticed nike right away 🙂

  21. reggma says:

    nope .. Adidas

  22. WaySensei says:

    I think Nike has found its new spokesmodel

  23. MaxSafeheaD says:

    It’s a difficult one to do well. There seems little benefit from most of the r.o.m. as you say but holding the tension at the top of the movement helps. I like doing a variation of pullovers for triceps, otherwise obviously most pressing exercises.

  24. duvanottin says:

    I know she’s breathing wrong, you’re supposed to exhale on exertion. But, she’s not dead yet and she looks amazing so apparently it doesn’t matter.

  25. parozboril says:

    I wonder if you could do the kickbacks on your belly on a bench that is high enough to clear the swing of the weights and do both arms at the same time. Plus, I wonder if it wouldn’t give resistance through more of the range of motion to do it on a bench with a decline, head facing downslope. It seems like much of the range of motion is wasted by having very little tension on the muscles. Just some thoughts.

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