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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Explaining how to get in shape quick and efficiently for the summertime and a lifetime…a few do’s and dont’s fitness ideas and secret. workout and cardio talk, you know? the good and boring stuff.

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Fitness Tips and Secrets”
  1. arnoldprodigy says:

    i think this is a good video for someone who wants to loose weight but not for a semi-serious bodybuilder or someone who wants to loose fat while maintaining muscle, good video nonetheless good advice on cardio

  2. Kounteron says:

    5-6 a day. bullshit.

    If you eat 2 meals a day, and you say that after first meal it stores much fat, IT CANT, IT CANT STORE MORE FAT THAN JUST 6 MEALS A DAY, because you are still living off energy you need to live/be physically active.

  3. bont3 says:

    you’re so right, i’m studying to become physiotherapist and you’re truly right,
    Seriously push yourself to the limit to become ripped!! you train when you reach/pass your limits!!

  4. TheDirtyPeanut says:

    @ajayboston it is

  5. ManeChic says:

    helpful + humorous

  6. iloveursis says:

    voila you already lost 10 pounds, hahahaha

  7. MrXaMaX990 says:

    @ajayboston 33% of those 77%… 🙂

  8. mrtheroosterdude says:

    Great video, I’m a mountain bike racer and need to loose a bit of weight and would like to gain more muscle like you (you’re ripped). I never pushed myself to the max or watched what I eat. I did quit drinking soda and lost about 15 pounds (I used to drink like five cans a day) but I can’t believe how little changes in your diet can help so much. Thanks for a good video, I subscribed.

  9. TheCowboySantos says:


  10. caponekpo says:

    he has a small problem with math….but if u will start going to the gym instead of comenting stupid things like this maybe you will look like this guy too….because he knows what the hell he is saying.

  11. drawmeflowers234 says:

    you are hilarious and my new hero. i’m subscribed and i’ll see you in the weight room 😀

  12. ajayboston says:

    @DeFcoN159 77% = over weight , of those 33% are obese. (so its not 110% – idiot)

  13. DDayfox says:

    @FreakenNERD very cool!

  14. arshenry says:

    after i watched this clip…i was in the

  15. mrmag1cc says:

    @DeFcoN159 33% of 77%. L2listen

  16. AzzCatz says:

    @DeFcoN159 Haha you’re an idiot. Learn to fucking spell too.

  17. simlabine says:

    Nice Job! Just keep going!

  18. flavathug says:

    need to keep ,my belly flat what must i do ?

  19. 1204justice says:

    I’m an overweight personal trainer who is sponsered by McDonald’s

  20. TennisGvy says:

    @DeFcoN159 Umm. . . No, I’m pretty sure you’re an idiot because those people who are obese are just a group of the overweight population.

  21. 123Ghazala says:

    I freaking love u!!!!!!

  22. DeFcoN159 says:

    stupid idiot 77 procent fat 33 obees XD 110 procent 5:05

  23. 123valid says:

    theres gonna be bread that will say…white…wheat and whole wheat LMAO

  24. djgrooveman says:

    You are hilarious!!!!

  25. WillyJayW says:

    @guitayrplaya 🙂
    I´m using a plan following the doggcrapp-system…so i´m not a fat guy behind his computer my little friend.
    good luck if you´re using the hints of this guy in the video…just one hint from my side: find out if you´re a ektomorph, endomorph or mesomorph catabolism-type. then start training with a plan that suits you personally!
    have a nice douchbag-life

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