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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Follow Zuzana’s workouts, diet tips, recipes and fashion hauls on her blog: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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26 Responses to “Fitness – Sexy Abs Workout”
  1. sbusumacinta says:

    It is like you. You have developed an amaizing body, lean with muscles etc but even if I do your workouts, because of my genetics, it is very posible, I won’t look like you. You are like a magazine in a video format!

  2. j40eyn says:

    Zusana you are freaking ace! Thank you!

  3. bhall240 says:

    hottest woman ever

  4. bhall240 says:

    hottest woman ever

  5. tjsisum says:

    I love your look and your exercises are killer. Thanks for the workout

  6. Jervns says:

    Its unfortunate some images in the media are doctored. The reason beautiful people attract attention is because they have the physical attributes we admire. A little cosmetic surgery is besides the point; hair color, make up, etc… Why should we guilty about who and what we admire. Men do what they do causes we’re men. Checking out a hot woman is like breathing for a man.

    btw- I didn’t know how amazing your eyes are until I played this video in HD.

    Keep making your sexy videos!

  7. JammyBrown says:

    @tonycatman – If you subscribe to Zuzana’s vids, you’d see that she trains pretty intensely, everyday and eats consistently throughout the day. That’s the key to being in great shape!

  8. ukGhostuk says:

    i think u had to much Coffee…lol

  9. Punisher4bmw says:

    I visited your blog but photoshop me anyways 😀 make me look more muscular stronger:)))) fitter :)) with a hugeeee stick:D :)))

  10. Punisher4bmw says:

    Do you get any money for the ads on your site :))) or do you let them advertise for free:)))))) ?:))

  11. shawnacyanide says:

    LOL visit my blog or i will photoshop you. hahahahahahaha

  12. bewareofmad says:

    I don’t believe in beauty on the inside being enough xD which is why I watch your work outs 😀 yeah, the photos should be labled ‘photoshopped’. But I don’t think anyone should feel guilty for looking good, they worked for it. Anyway, I’ve been wondering if your boobs are real or not. I mean, it’s ok if they’re not, I’m just curious if you can get such boobs with just training the muscles or not.

  13. tonycatman says:

    Hi Gorgeous.

    I’m reckoning your workouts burn perhaps 250 kcals. A round of golf : 1,000 kcals.

    I have never seen a golfer who looks quite like you.

    Are you doing more than one workout each day, or do you eat very little ?

  14. redhotgenius says:

    About the photo shopping:
    Not only do the images portray fake body standards, they diminish all signs of aging and characteristics of the face.
    This really does give unrealistic expectations that cause women to feel like they are failing because they look SO much worse than these women.

    I think disclaimers will help women and girls realize they don’t need to waste time trying to achieve the impossible so they can focus on being healthy and happy.

  15. redhotgenius says:

    Just wondering if you recommend cardio before your workouts? I am very stiff and i can only seem to do these things after i am hot and sweaty (20 min brisk run on elliptical).

  16. stilamour says:

    By the way, I’ve done quite a few of your exercise routines which I really enjoy but I also really like when you do something more personal like these vids. You and Frederick should do a vlog together one day. 🙂

  17. stilamour says:

    Honestly, I don’t think women would have such a problem if men didn’t expect women to actually LOOK that way. I love seeing beautiful pictures of women, it actually keeps me inspired to continue to look great for my husband and he continues to work out to look great for me.

  18. supermilk116 says:

    wtf man

  19. azianangel89 says:

    omg this totally killed me and i only did 5 rounds. you’re amazing. haha 🙂

  20. dec4dence says:

    I don’t have much money, but you can have my love.

  21. Vik13vik says:

    How many repetitions and sets did you do in 25 minutes?

  22. screamingscarecrow says:

    in that 25 min workout how many reps of each exercise are you doing?

  23. Edas2323 says:

    damn I need to get my pack more ripped than yours

  24. bearmare says:

    Photoshop is a tool of marketing, and all marketing is misleading in some way. For me, Photoshop is the greatest thing ever created by man. We know Photoshop was created by man, because it’s used to make women hotter. And on that note, nothing is hotter than sexy abs. Meow!

  25. SLYDER811220 says:

    good thing Zuzana doesn’t need photoshop, she is simply gorgeous and in awesome shape

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