Fitness – Core Workout 3: Quads and Hamstring Exercises

June 29, 2011 by  
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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Core Workout 3: Quads and Hamstring Exercises”
  1. scottblanch says:

    Zuzana, is that your shoes making that squeak sound?

  2. thesix107 says:

    Your body is crazy hot. Good work!

  3. xxkilla84xx says:

    she needs to keep her hips up in the air through out the whole exercise.

  4. PrinceZukoMarley says:


  5. AKBeazBoi says:

    fucking hell, nice abs lol wish i had them

  6. johnnyjeans2 says:

    zuzana, how can i workout my legs….even though i have a knee injury?

    please respond

  7. RussMusiq says:

    what do you pay a month?

    I pay $75, i live in NYC.

  8. trendgil says:

    p.s. gym memberships are cheaper monthly then anything else you do monthly for leisure… p.s. its for your health so ppl better stop complaining about the price and too lazy to go there cus its too far.. HELLO!!!! a run to the gym works as cardio…

  9. MercifulJustice says:

    workouts done by zuzana and her like (boot camp..etc)– these are the proper work outs !! natural and builds the strength naturally … even 2 of these wud beat 10 of those boring gym workouts…
    using small weights is fine but the other ridiculous routine boring muscle buffing exercises are just that!

  10. sexy21hotness says:

    thanks a bunch!

  11. miles305678 says:

    as a pilot I need to be fit so while looking up fitness videos I found these, thank you for the videos!

  12. turkeyshitting says:

    this works out your abs as well.

  13. Blue4fragrance says:

    I love it. Thanks

  14. HellKicker1 says:


  15. jdfox1 says:

    Great video…thank you!

  16. qisrankedeleven says:

    your sexy girl lol

  17. ilovecarmen says:

    i just wanted to tell you that you have become the workout bible for me and im loving my results. i just started and i feel good. thank you.

  18. blancopeter says:

    Zuzana or anyone what is the size of the ball should I used?

  19. Criptografo says:

    i can watch this video all day long

  20. rustybones3115 says:

    hey this is great

  21. ImAussieMate says:

    yea i can only do about 90kg lol, but she has a great body she shouldnt be doing heavy weights, bulky women arnt so pretty imo

  22. CloudDouche says:

    haha 3 kg dumbell. gg.

  23. charliejames1975 says:

    Hi – Its on my site – the address is on the video 🙂

  24. poopoopants111 says:

    she’s literally one of the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen.

  25. Jed9133 says:

    im impressed ,you are self motivated,and you work really hard zuzana…

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