DIET vs EXERCISE Episode 1: Fat Loss Diet versus Best Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

CLICK HERE for a FREE WORKOUT: First instalment of diet vs. exercise where Craig Ballantyne and Brad Pilon show you how ineffective cardio is and just how dramatic your calorie intake can be without you knowing it. The simple truth is; you can’t out-train a bad diet. Today, in this contest, Craig Ballantyne is going to run on the treadmill on an incline of .5 and a speed of 10.5 mph for 3 minutes, while Brad Pilon eats pizza and drinks soda pop. Brad is going to try to consume as many calories as he can in those 3 minutes, while Craig is going to see how many calories he can burn off in that same amount of time. In 3 minutes, Brad consumed approximately 1000 total calories, while Craig burned only 43 calories. Cardio loses against diet. This just goes to show you, in diet vs. exercise, you can never out train a bad diet. It doesn’t matter how good your program is, if this is your nutrition, you’re not going to lose fat. Visit Turbulence Training to get your FREE sample fat burning workout. Click here to get started And to get access to the #1 weight loss secret of social support and to ask Craig Ballantyne your weight loss questions, visit the Turbulence Training Membership site here For daily fat loss workout updates and controversial fat burning tips, visit

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25 Responses to “DIET vs EXERCISE Episode 1: Fat Loss Diet versus Best Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat”
  1. sexykatie90 says:

    thumbs up if you like DIET vs EXERCISE Episode 1: Fat Loss Diet versus Best Cardio Workout to Burn Belly Fat

  2. TheRatt27 says:

    the really reason for people to work out everyday is not to lose the meal they eat but to make your metabolism works better.but sure eating pizza and sodas wont make someone t lose weight.exept of course once a week.if u keep your diet every day u can plan one day a week to eat anything u like.chocolates,sodas enything.but only a day in the week.also diet wont work great without exercises and exercises wont do great without diet.if u want to have a great body u should compine exercise with diet

  3. mjwible27 says:

    I want some pizza now = )

  4. MrImprove123 says:

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  5. Laurelzhort says:

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  6. TheSecretsOfLife2011 says:

    Great video.
    Feel free to watch The Secret Of Weight Loss on my channel. Anyone can get themself to have a low appetite and not crave foods. Everyone can be incontrol of their body. You can also change your metabolism. And you can change the size of your stomache without a surgery. You can get your body to do this on it’s own. The Secret of Weight Loss calls this setting your body to ‘slim mode’ and anyone can do it.

  7. pointworks1 says:

    Thanks. I’am gonna try… and keep my recipe up !! Check my channel. It is effective body !!

  8. Emma05488 says:


  9. ayanlez1001 says:

    11 people will never loose fat

  10. JesseJH6 says:


  11. jaybird321 says:

    Some people can get away with just working out — I can’t; although it did work for me when I was younger. I’ve lost almost thirty pound and all it took was giving up sugar, dairy and anything with white flour.

  12. jamierguinn says:

    I lost 60 lbs. by counting calories alone… I didn’t start running and training until I did. It took me about a year, but it came off.

  13. touge242 says:

    only pussies run for 30 minutes. man the fuck up and run for 3 hours a day, at least.

  14. MrShmeeglez says:

    Thumbs up if you searched “how to get a free can of coke” xD

  15. sweendog52 says:

    great vid. i lost heaps of weight through diet! eliminated food i’m allergic too. checkout foodintol they helped me

  16. xsteal says:

    so fast food is bad when your trying to lose weigh? I am really shocked by this. Good thing someone made a vid to explain it

  17. kevadler says:

    perfect work out — > w

  18. superhowtoloseweight says:

    Awesome video. Kkeep up the good work…awesome!

  19. Neocell83 says:

    This is not a fair experiment how can you assume or think possibly of the amount of calories in each slice of pizza without measuring it as a proven average ?

    Also as many trainers have said, eat healthily, exercise correctly and regularly, don’t cheat yourself then you will see results.

  20. EmpowerYourBody says:

    Cool video guys! Check out Empower Your Body new Spring workout tips!

  21. weightlossprogram101 says:

    Thanks – this was really useful. I enjoyed the video – now to put it into practice is a different thing altogether

  22. TheMajestuoso says:

    A seven mile run (approximately, depending on your weight) would burn off 800 calories.

  23. adastrarize says:

    Always good to see some new information on an important topic.

  24. ipman123 says:

    Yup , meal frequency doesnt increase our BMR but HIIT and weight training does. With the intensity that guy did in the video for most people , they would increase their metabolic rate throughout the day and might end up burning more calories. Weight training too , the more muscle you have , the more calories you burn.

  25. stevo9640 says:

    @ipman123 not true, BMR doesn’t change alot even if you are feeding your body every three hours. check out brad pilon’s research. you will just keep your insulin levels high all day

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