Best Abdominal Exercise For Ripped Abs & Nutrition Tips

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

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25 Responses to “Best Abdominal Exercise For Ripped Abs & Nutrition Tips”
  1. jblackapple says:

    for the people that say this isn’t good for the lower back…well you simply have a weak back and need to strenghen it with hyperextensions…good mornings….because having strong abs aids your lower back

  2. joeltsmitty says:

    Great excercise man! I’m gonna have to try that one and implement it into my repetoire. That’s a very useful, everyday strength, excercise right there and can be very useful. Thank you for your input!

  3. ZeroKnightxxx says:

    pahhhhhhhh!!! it makes me laugh thanks for the tips!!!

  4. skemeB34 says:

    he makes jean claude van dam noises!

  5. UglyMaleee says:

    PAaHhhHhhHHhhhh!!!!! LOL!

  6. hobberz7000 says:

    yeah this exercise will destroy your lower back

  7. ABUELOS says:

    great work out!!

  8. spacegoer25 says:

    cool vid tanx,il try this technique

  9. pataponkami says:

    where’s the dick? he probably cut it i mean others show

  10. zagpe1 says:

    not good for your lower back – this exercise

  11. k1d2r4nq3 says:


  12. musclesofloves says:

    you’re hot, impressive body, there’s no reason to believe you, evidence is there!

  13. clef05 says:

    CUT FAT – doesn’t matter how many twists, raises, crucnhes or whatever it is that you do. your “six-pack” wont show if theres still too much fat covering ur abdomen

  14. DiabloComanche says:

    good advice, i have about a 4 pack when i flex so i’ll defenitely try it out

  15. dekdekduk says:

    change ur workout routine… do twists, raises, make sure u have variety then results will SHOW

  16. DiabloComanche says:

    i’ve been doing crunches and sit ups for years but i have very few results any further advice

  17. Gunsndroses123 says:

    power temple do the mason twist that loses love handles

  18. Ltron9 says:


  19. hopesnebay says:


  20. Adidas7239 says:

    vagina iz good

  21. alexrnb77 says:

    thank u!

  22. woydzeck says:

    Should i try bigger sets or not ?

  23. gekido83 says:

    awesome technique.

  24. powerTemple says:

    thank you! im gonna try this too. do you know any excercise to really target love handles?? coz my stomach is pretty flat but just the love handle area is too much than i want. Please let me know if ya got any info for that. Thanks!

  25. CatzDaLegit says:

    I’m going to try this.

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