Beauty – My First Wrinkle Cream.

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more beauty, lifestyle and fitness videos visit: www.BodyRock.Tv

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Beauty – My First Wrinkle Cream.”
  1. Mkeika says:

    avocado + 5 drops of almond oil… mix them into a a nice paste and apply it all over face and neck… leave it for 20 min then wash it off with water… goodluck…. p.s. thanks for sharing your pasta salad video

  2. nataliemedia says:

    Because the account was registered by her husband and he is 34.

  3. 88Azazel says:

    Why does your profile say that you’re 34 and this video say you’re 27?

  4. jeff47674 says:

    Only 27!!!! Good god she’s amazing!!! She’ll still be outstanding well into her 40s with her genetics current condition.

  5. girlymom77 says:

    Since you are into exercising you should look into facial exercises, the face is made up of muscles too, and they need to be worked out too stay firm—that plus the skin creams should work. Get facial magic kit is a dvd & cream that gives you all the exercises by cynthia rowland—good look!!

  6. 4windedLARK says:

    You look great. Don’t bother with all the chemicals.

  7. katrinabear says:

    Aveda skin care. I’d recommend the Green Science line for you. Get facials on a regular basis as well.

  8. hornychipmunk says:

    The only way to stop the aging process is a time machine. I am currently working on building one right now. If it works out, I will message you. Hugs & kisses.

  9. dudeman777us says:

    vitamine C, amino acids, Omgea 3 fish oil capsules, take beta carotine, collegen supplments, maybe some creatine and perhaps some alpha lipoic acid.

    Then on the skin use pure glycern soap to wash and Retin A cream with a sunscreen. you can get Retin A products at the store but the best is from a dermatologist. oh and don’t ever ever tan or stay in the sun to long.

  10. controversyking says:

    You can’t beat the clock, but for 27, you look very young! If you hadn’t had said you were 27, I would have believed you if you told us you were only 18 or 19. Just keep working out like you do, treat your body well, don’t smoke (you probably dont, but just saying), stay out of the sun, and wear lotions.

  11. styxway says:

    just keep on smiling and have your modest and agreeble spirit and everybody will love every wrinkle you will ever get. of course, as you said, some basic lotions and sunblocks are helping. you might maybe not like your wrinkles, but others can read in them your healthy way of life and above all, your kind and charming personality.

    i very much agree with irontruck and cvsoteam.

  12. irontruck says:

    Geez c’mon how long do you think you’ll fight it. You love working out and you’re an inspiration but let it go… the most beautiful people age gracefully… it’s those people you look at and go “Gee she’s 70 but looks super and happy”… anyway I’m not sure why I’m ranting… I guess I’m disappointed.

  13. motoxbuddy says:

    Creams are a patch up!Like patching the duco on your car.The eyes and the skin are a reflection of whats going on inside your body.

  14. kyleisreallycool says:

    don’t smile so much you wont get those wrinkles

  15. hungvan says:

    She’s from Czhech, married to a Canadian

  16. CVSOteam says:

    Please do not fall into the plastic surgery trap….
    It is called aging lol. It is happening to us all….
    Just stick to your basic sun blocks and lotion…
    The rest are fads…..
    Hopefully you can age gracefully….
    The key is to age gracefully….
    I am a male and I notice some wrinkles I have also and I am in my 20s….
    I said oh well lol

  17. da6is9 says:


    You spend so much time exercising the muscles in your body but you overlook the muscles in your face. Do a youtube seacrh for face yoga and exercise that face of yours.

    Yes, you’re welcome!

  18. IncubatorRulz says:

    Take good care of those cute wrinkles 🙂

  19. diddicri says:

    Hi Charlie, I understand your problem as I am a runner and I’m training hard for the NYmarathon,so wrinkles could be enemy for me,but I use Perricone’s skin care since years and I’m completely satisfied by the results,it really works.the proper product depends by the
    complexion,but I suggest you to try first Face firming activator,that’s the best skin care product I have ever used.I hope it will be useful for you too,let me know,thank you for your exciting videos
    Cristina from Rome

  20. Hirnlego999 says:

    And btw, I certainly not advocating botox..

  21. ruthere85 says:

    u are just 27 year old ,dont worry about that …when people get older they have wrinkles too

  22. Poolboyz42 says:

    Don’t worry about wrinkles. Aging is a fact of life. You can fight it, but it happens to us all. Be proud of who you are and what you have become. You inspire many people. Don’t waste your time worrying about the inevitable. There is always the quest for the fountain of youth. It doesn’t exist nor do you want it to exist. Life is a journey enjoy it. I think you are doing well so far!

  23. scrini says:

    Re: Creams, Whoops, I forgot
    My dad suggested Clarins.
    Prevage works for me!

  24. scrini says:

    whoops, exercises
    I would like to reduce my wrinkes too!

  25. scrini says:

    Hi! I think facials work I think because of massage and moisture treatment. Massage temporarily plumps the skin. I think creams work also, I just don’t know which ones yet . From what I gathered knowledge of the ingredients is key. Re: Botox research the Dr.s and less is best. I agree with the person you said you look beautiful and wonder if facial execises work too. :-)Sue

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