10 beauty tips for men on a budget

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


Beauty tips for men on a budget 1. Use a skin moisturiser, but don’t spend hundreds of pounds when a tub of margarine gets you exactly the same results. 2. It’s important to have a good ballanced diet, raw vegetables are better for you than cooked. Look at this fellow tucking in – enjoy your meal. 3. As the adverts keep telling us, exfoliating is good for the skin, but don’t waste thousands on expensive creams when a simple rasp file will remove the top layer of skin. 4. To get the ladies you need to smell good, but you could spend tens of thounds of pounds on aftershave, so why not just use some fly-spray – plus, your girfriend will be amazed at absense of insects that are usually crawling all over you. 5. Personal hygene is a must, but it is also incredibly boring and time consuming, and pointless when you’ve a four-legged servent about the house. This can particulary enjoyable after some vigorous excerise. 6. Nasal hair looks disgusting, but the solution is easy, even without spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on tweezers. 7. A good sun tan makes falsly gives the impression of good health, but if it’s pissing it down or your affraid of melonoma and you don’t want to spend millions on fake tan, just mix up some paint. Any kind of paint will do. 8. Nice clothes are nothing without confidence, so why not save yourself billions of pounds and just act confident. Everyone will then think your clothes are designer regardless of the skid marks and jizz stains. 9. In

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14 Responses to “10 beauty tips for men on a budget”
  1. g4rdenspoon says:

    @jondavis1234 I suppose it would.

  2. jondavis1234 says:

    Another tip would be to make sure your hand isn’t in a cast 😛

  3. MadMonkeyBoy08 says:

    @g4rdenspoon No pun intended. 🙂 I joke.

  4. cestrianvlogger says:

    @g4rdenspoon Sure have, living at home is the highlight of it.. haha, £200 a month for rent/keep then the rest is mine 😀

  5. g4rdenspoon says:

    @TUCKERZONE I’m doing my upmost to save you cash

  6. TUCKERZONE says:

    Great Tips I’ll start right away ahahha Not

  7. g4rdenspoon says:

    @cestrianvlogger Oh, sounds like you’ve got a lot of cash to chuck about.

  8. g4rdenspoon says:

    @alzebub666 That is pretty weird, and I bet it’s more expensive too.

  9. g4rdenspoon says:

    @DibbersPage It’s great getting ripped off is very fashionable

  10. g4rdenspoon says:

    @MadMonkeyBoy08 Yeah, what a tosser!

  11. cestrianvlogger says:

    Davidoff cool water!!! that reminds me, ive nearly ran out of the big bottle they do… Hahaha

  12. alzebub666 says:

    An old guy in my work uses Fabreeze instead of deodorant (true!)

  13. DibbersPage says:

    Tens of millions pounds on these items, shit, could this be the reason im skint hahahah H&R Bro

  14. MadMonkeyBoy08 says:

    All I can say is, Andy finished rather quickly at the end …

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