Side Effects of Synthetic Estrogen

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it! Dr. Hyla Cass discourages young women from going on the birth control pill, saying it has dangerous side effect and there are other ways of dealing with PMS naturally. An educational video exclusive on iHealthTube. Twitter Facebook: Myspace:

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12 Responses to “Side Effects of Synthetic Estrogen”
  1. SuperCameronwhite says:

    what other kinds of birth control should they take? i know theres condoms but id want more than one method. also i get cystic zits when im not on the pill… but im thinking of taking evening primrose oil like you mentioned 🙂 thanks for the video!

  2. PMSRelief says:

    Thanks Dr. Cass, you completely hit the target here. No one should suffer with PMS or menstrual cramps and oral contraception is not the answer for these problems. Your natural suggestions are great and will often make a difference. When a woman chooses to supplement with herbs I always recommend PMS Relief Herb Pac a combination of Chinese herbs used for centuries to relieve bloating, cramps and moodiness that can accompany a woman menstrual cycle. More at

  3. Ifyouhavelowt says:

    You have referred me to a very good book that have info Increase Estrogen Naturally. Also your video is nice and informative. I want to share a supplement to increase Estrogen naturally without any side effect. It is Xenesis-EP for women .It is the 100%natural way to recover your youth. Now available at unbeatable price $49.95.

  4. jennyomalley says:

    @TenderGenderBender I’ve been taking H.R.T. for 12 years. Makes you week in the arm and strong in the head!!

  5. TenderGenderBender says:

    My body doesn’t produce enough estrogen so I supplement with bioidenticals and it has improved my moods and energy levels significantly. It made my skin softer and smoother, improved fat distribution, hair quality and breast development. Other people tell me that I’m looking way more pretty and healthy than I used to. My benefits may differ from yours since I’m transgendered, but to me the supplements have been the best thing I’ve ever done to myself. Hormones make a huge difference when needed.

  6. ToughGermanWoman says:

    Right, ethynilestradiol is not traceable in the bloodstream due to its synthetic property.

  7. shmacme says:

    I was on the pilll for an long long time and never had any problems. But for last 2 years had mirena coil and now i have alll kinds of problems. Went to get it out and its missing. Need specialist to get it out so pissed off. Want to warn everyone. They say its cheaper than the pill but are they including; in the cost the insertion, 4 week check up and 5 yearly check ups this if nothing goes wrong. Or then you have the specialist or surgery bill to add to this. Just listen to your body.

  8. ladyEulaelie says:

    wow…always learning something new. Pharmaceutical companies will never get it right…i say, say no to any birth control pill.

  9. PeaceLoveEternity says:

    Wow great info had no idea it depleted mandatory vitamins.

  10. starpiss says:

    she just stated that if natural methods don’t work then you should try synthetic biochemicals. she never completely ruled it out.

  11. NickolasDarling says:

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  12. uanimale says:

    yo this is like steroids for chicks!

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