Rapid Weight Loss Tips, Diet, Plan, Exercise, Workout, Methods

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


bit.ly – Rapid Weight Loss Tips, Diet, Plan, Exercise, Workout, Methods etc.

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25 Responses to “Rapid Weight Loss Tips, Diet, Plan, Exercise, Workout, Methods”
  1. garlina87 says:

    A fine technique of losing weight – first-focus.ru/tds/diet.php This is worked!!!

  2. gedking8871 says:

    Great video thanks for sharing

  3. xXloser123Xx says:

    the only problem i have is the money it costs to eat healthy now :/ ive started a garden though, hopefully it will help.

  4. MrHoward0318 says:

    Great tips on serving sizes and sweets in the home! I like breakfast shake in the morning!!!

  5. Radhikachatterjee says:

    I liked it and will follow all these tips, thanks to Natalie for sharing these helpful tips with us.

  6. tinadelimafy says:

    Thank you for sharing this video.

  7. tinadelimafy says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am a distributor of the Vi shake from Visalus that is packed with proteins and low in sugar. Great information!

  8. AUDIOSWAMP says:


  9. chasrar says:

    a bbw fetish just disliked this video.

  10. Zitahun says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video.

  11. MrRapidweightloss says:

    well sex @lexdiamond, if you guys want to see a real method then visit my channel and watch my video, and you must visit the site! Good luck 😉

  12. lexdimond1 says:

    your thing about eating late is bullshit! the point is as simple as burning more calories than you intake. so yes it is better to eat 5 small meals per day but technically if you eat a 1000 cal meal at midnight and thats the only thing you eat for the day, you will eventually lose weight.

  13. raefoo89 says:

    great vid!.. please check out my vids too and add them too your daily diet routine.

  14. ihatewebkinz1234 says:

    i go to school so i cant eating more meals is a problem

  15. shaynefreimann1 says:

    dried fruit… ew

  16. ardimius says:


  17. yahnib says:

    Thank you for posting this video.

  18. thestrokesfan109 says:

    im 13 im not overweight but i am not skinny either i went suicidal and am making my sadness into rage and working out how can i lose a lot in a week?

  19. t0mme1981 says:

    I an a scientist and I have discoverd an amazing way to lose weight. Just listen to this…

    Eat less and exercise more.

  20. vietguy808 says:

    @ahill7313 not once u said anything abt EXCERISING.. u cant eat ur self a better body….u hve to WOOOORRRKK OOOUUUT…..sheesh ive seen fat people become pro fitness models..

  21. vietguy808 says:

    im watching this and im not fat….so ya….

    and yes ur right….and its how u train also…u cannot eat ur self a better body…..my oils dont even add up to a ping pong ball…DONT STARVE YOUR SELF THATS THE REASON U GET FAT AND FATTER, U WILL BE SMALLER BUT U WILL BE A SMALLER FAAT PERSON

  22. Vimalish15 says:

    @ahill7313 sorry but it’s not my mom is big, i was anorexic n now i am 166lbs I’ve never been obese,u choose wat u put in ur mouth, i have tricks to loosing weight the healthy weight, I am on diet now and I’ve been loosin weight so if u want to know morw inbox me, loosing weight sin’t easy n starvin won’t work, more information inbox me pliz

  23. ultimateweightguide says:

    for a great weight way to lose weight check out my vid for more info or go to loh10558.eliteweightlosspackageDOTcom change DOT to .

  24. MsChandeni says:

    Thank you for the tips!

  25. ahill7313 says:

    I just wanted to say, in some situations, genectics are a reason why people are in the 2/3 over weight category, I eat healthy every day of my life, ive been on diet programs, ive taken diet pills, ive even gone to a specialist, and i haven’t lost weight ive even starved myself. so you cant say that genectics arent a reason for being overweight, when every docter ive been to has told me that it does.

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