Nutrition & Diets : How Can a Skinny Woman Gain Weight?

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

If a woman is skinny and wants to gain weight, she should first see a doctor to see if she has a poor appetite that is deficient in different vitamins or minerals. Concentrate on high calorie foods to gain weight withadvice from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition and diets. Expert: Christine Marquette Bio: Christine E. Marquette is a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green

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25 Responses to “Nutrition & Diets : How Can a Skinny Woman Gain Weight?”
  1. ZombieBrixoxo says:

    Im 5’11 ans 123 pounds.. :/ I wanna be 150:(

  2. TheCarlacat says:

    5’2 and Im about 48 Somethings I dont think it’s Lbs.
    You Can only see my ribs when I suck In, and people have been saying Im a little underweight.
    I am allmost fifteen.
    I eat lots of dairy and lots of carbs But I never gain any weight?
    Any tips?

  3. girlygirl20085 says:

    @fire2faith I’m the exact same. I lifted weights 3 days a week for a semester without changing my diet and I gained 3 solid pounds of muscle. I recommend that if you don’t want to eat even more than you do now. My stomach is pretty small so to get all the calories I need to gain weight I would have to force feed myself basically.

  4. SlimShadyisnuma1 says:

    i no im not anorexic, but im 11, and i weigh 87 lbs.
    my dad jokingly calls me fat, but every other girl my age is 30 some pounds more than me! i just wanna gain like, 10-15! i havent completed “it” yet. part way though. 2-3 months ago, i started eating like WAY more, and gained 5-10 pounds.

  5. guinealand840 says:

    These comments make me feel aloooot better:) me and my bro are super tall and we both have high metabolism. Thanks!

  6. toniahandelmo777 says:

    Wow . It brings tears to my eyes to see I’m not the only person that is going through this. I’m 17 and weigh 76 pounds now thats low lol! I see people that are 83 or 90 pounds, heck I wouldn’t mind even reaching to those pounds :/ . I feel so depressed and self conscious about my weight especially when I see curvy girls. And really HATE it when I see a SMALL curvy girl that looks about the same size as me :'( . When trying to gain weight, I fail and give up because I can’t even get past 80.

  7. FluroUnderwear says:

    @fire2faith Hell yeah! People keep telling me I’m anorexic and that I need to eat more. I eat a hell of a lot more than them. And yet, even though they insult me and call me anorexic, everytime I say I’m trying to gain weight, they tell me that’s weird. Being overweight is NOT the only fucking issue in the world. People need to get over themselves!

  8. Bianka247lv says:

    I know the feeling….im almost 21, 5’4 102lb. for AS MUCH AS I TRY i can not gain an additional 8lb. (id like to wight 110).

  9. wesnaw722 says:

    wow these comments make me feel better finally people like mee! I wanna gain weight really badly im 5’6 and 94 pounds ya its bad.:/ people tell me im anorexic but trust me im not i eat like a pig more than a pig like a starving lion or something (idk) ughhh its so frustating!!!

  10. BabyC51085 says:

    I’m 6 stone and i’m 18, and i eat like a pig, so i dont blame myself. i’m thinking of going to see the doctor, but my mum isnt worried, she says our family is like that, its only until child birth we start to gain. if only she understood, but the good thing is am short

  11. ChinaStacks says:

    i’m 5’4 118lbs …. i eat alot .. but im still the samee size … now ‘im trying out ensure … & i had a friend that weighed 110 & she’s 5’4 .. & she got a birthcontrol shot now she’s 153lbs … w/ a flat stomachh !

  12. lilprincy17 says:

    I need to gain weight! I am 22, 5’3 and 95 lbs. I know SHAME! But I may have tried everything on this planet to gain weight. Last resort right now is the weight gaining exercise and I must say it is working 😉

  13. KasirRham says:

    @diana351 I’ve been there

  14. kakefyll says:

    Im 5’5 and about 119 pounds, so I’m not underweight, but I would still like some more meat on my bones, cause I get commens on being skinny all the time…

  15. KittyzKatterz says:

    @fire2faith Holy shit same here! O.o you’re a year older than me now but still

  16. ehteshamy2k says:

    @fadams22 You should try google ‘mankind muscles thin ladies dilemma’

  17. ehteshamy2k says:

    @pikkunemmi Probably you should give a try atleast to this. Please google ‘mankind muscles thin ladies dilemma’ I hope you can get a fine guideline

  18. ehteshamy2k says:

    Thin ladies solution: I found while googline ‘mankind muscles thin ladies dilemma’

  19. guitarchick100 says:

    @pikkunemmi dont let them tear you down. people tell me im too skinny all the time, but im just naturally this way…..they are obviously self conscious with their own weight.

  20. pikkunemmi says:

    I weigh 39 kg and it is really hard to gain weight. I wonder why it’s so rude to call a person fat but if you call someone skinny or anorexic its OK? I have to say I don’t feel really good when people tell me how skinny I am. No one knows it better than I do, and I am really self conscious about it.

  21. fadams22 says:

    🙂 Its actually so good to see people comment on this video and know im not the only person out there who is underweight!! Its so frustrating when people call you anarexic or are really rude to you just because you have a high metabolism! urgh!!!

  22. PrincessJasmineRoz says:

    ok i get it.. that’s why i’m not getting fat bcoz i’m anemic.

  23. JessicaRoxs97 says:

    @iceceslol hah lucky I’m 13 in eighth grade and i weigh 79 pounds… i hate high metabolism

  24. d2rox25 says:

    meh I’m too fat! I’m 13 and I’m 5’3 and I weigh 123 pounds :/

  25. 313maya says:

    oh shit im dead …..35 kilogram = 77.161 791 765 pound

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