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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

You can buy both of these books at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders. The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno: The Body for Life by Bill Phillips: Not mentioned in my video by OXYGEN MAGAZINE is amazing and very inspirational!

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “My Diet & exercise routine”
  1. FrenzyandLazerbeak says:

    I must confess I stopped by because of the pretty face….wink ……Espana……
    Nice…..routine now add going to school with a part time job….and if really dont like yourself an annoying wife and kids

  2. blondlicous03 says:

    at school for lunch i usually eat salad with lots of veggies & a lean protein and i bring fruits to snack on during the day and my friends are always like you’re sucha health freak!while they’re eating pizza and foods that are so bad for you and aren’t even appetizing! i would go to the gym too and they would yell at me for tryna stay fit, as if being healthy is a bad thing. SO ANNOYING.

  3. LoveToLovePink says:

    thank you for the book recommendations

  4. hannah8pie says:

    haha i know what u mean. I live in the states, and whenever i pull out some veggies in my lunch, people stare at me like i’m crazy. they think i’m super healthy when the reality is that I’m eating normal, they are eating junk

  5. roundlady says:

    I totally agree with you. The Eat Clean Diet is very much like my Round Diet. In fact, my Round Diet is although a healthy way to eat that happens to help people lose weight. I am on a mission to find all the diets that follow my Round Diet and exercise ideas — plus the other parts of a well-rounded health plan.

  6. moyercreations says:

    Thanks for in info it was helpful I just need to get the motivation but u look amazing!! 🙂

    Thanks again!!

  7. megsical says:

    How many reps of each strength exercises do you usually do?

  8. aquadanceangel44 says:

    You whistle when you pronounce your s’s…haha. like when you say fitne
    SS or aweSome….Its okay! I do it too!

  9. youveseenthebitcher says:

    I was gonna post some nasty comments but then i realize how cute you are.

  10. ShineingGlitter100 says:

    Tell me if this is a good diet PLEASE!
    Breakfeast:1 cup of special K And a cup of juice.
    Lunch:Salad and greek yogurt and crystal light for a drink.
    Dinner:Half of a turkey or ham sandwich with a side of veggies And diet coke or water or crystal light.
    And going to the gym like 2 or 3 times a week please tell me if you think its a good diet.PLEASE!

  11. XxDAVID305 says:

    @SMOKEWEEDNIGGA lmao kidd!

  12. AndreaJuliet says:

    I eat like you & People, mainly family, think I’m a health freak too. I’m like no, you’re the one eating crazy stuff that I won’t even call food! Everytime I’m out to eat with my bro & nieces & nephew they ask, getting a salad auntie. I just smile and think someday they’ll be asking me how I eat and workout when their muffin top is very unattractive. I still love them though and I know they are just uneducated & programmed with propaganda. How long is your cardio & do you do interval training?

  13. innleysa26 says:

    dang girl! can i move to spain to workout with you?! 😉
    i need a motivated person around me….my family loves cookies. all my friends live at least 20 minutes away, and we all have like 4 hours of hw a night ( i go to a hard school)

  14. AwesomeTurn says:

    Liz, you’re awesome.

    Hopefully my future “girlfriend” would be as kewl as you 🙂

  15. SMOKEWEEDNlGGA says:


  16. esthergirl123 says:

    Hi LIz!
    QUESTION: The “Body for Life” fbook has a follow-up version for women. Would you recommend it, or stick the the successful original? 🙂

  17. TheBrunetteDiana says:

    i just found your vids and then they’re great! would you be able to do more detailed exersise routine? i do cardio at the gym but not tooooo confident with what to do in terms of weights and toning etc.

  18. 58jtaylor says:

    I live in Australia, and Most people here basically eat S%!&T like Most Americans i assume. I also get flak from eating so clean. Sounds like we could all learn from our European counterparts.

  19. thehapagirl92 says:

    I have that book! It’s really good.

  20. moodeve says:

    Hi Liz, been watching you for a while but never posted.I’ve started reading Eating Clean – I’d done it in some form over the last year or so but didn’t really know there was help guides out there and a ‘system’ as such. I’m trying to get back on the healthy eating plan after 4 months kinda relaxing with my diet (!) and so hve favourited this vid for inspiration. I really do find it helpful. So thank you.

  21. sassyelnumerouno says:

    wow i can not believe you live in spain, i am sooo jealous do you speak spanish? my husband keeps trying to sell me on mexico, like puerto vallarte or playa de carmen but im just scared of corrupt goverments when u leave the states im subbing right now and sending a friend request much respect 🙂 xoxoxox your a pioneer man oh i def plan on getting that book

  22. anatol13maa says:

    This is lazer targeted information. Guaranteed result within 7 day for weight loss.

  23. anatol13maa says:

    This is lazer targeted information. Guaranteed result within 7 day for weight loss.

  24. western710 says:

    I have never posted a comment on YouTube, but I had to respond to this video. You did an excellent job explaining this “Diet”. You obviously live a very clean life, it shows not only in your physique, but in your personality as well! I own both of these books already, and it was a pleasure for me to hear someone else as excited about them as I am.

  25. SHINMANSUP says:

    I LOSE my weight, too. for 7 days -8.5kg..

    see my video

    i m sure that is helpful for someone want be on diet

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