Matt Struve Fitness – Tips for 8-Pack Abs

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

NEW 8-pack routine video! – Join the discussion: Got into a conversation with a friend of mine today about how some athletes have 6 pack abs, and others have 8 pack abs. He was saying it’s genetics. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. But when I look at every anatomy illustration, I see 8 segments of abdominal muscles. This means those with 6 packs, simply aren’t targeting the whole muscle range. So here’s a video tip on 1 method of bringing the 8 pack out! Kind of embarrassed about this video, but oh well. 🙂

Tell us what you think about this video in the comments below, or in the Battling For Health Community Forum!

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25 Responses to “Matt Struve Fitness – Tips for 8-Pack Abs”
  1. DivineJDemo says:

    hey can i have ur msn or something i really wanna be ur fren and chat with u im really really interested in body building but i nid someone to give me advice and tips on how to start im a noob and suck.

  2. RyougaSadou says:

    @veixveiy2 Lol, genetics wont keep you from having an 8pack. But believing it will, will of course. Just because a scientist says that “some people” aren’t fit for whatever doesn’t mean that you can’t get the body you want. If you put it under enough pressure and go hardcore enough you will build whatever muscle you want. Every individual muscle can be built no matter who is doing it. Unless you really have screwed up genetics and have horizontal abs or something, lol.

  3. marcetclaude says:

    @xenonce is it me or you lost some weight? cuz in earlier videos you look jacked.

  4. xxxbilly says:

    Excellent video

  5. dkc4475 says:

    are you gay>?

  6. HardstyleMusicHQ says:

    @xenonce Im going to try this for first time today! Already have the six pack build up! : )

  7. ballons11 says:

    thumps up if you only want 6 pack for girls!!

  8. veixveiy2 says:

    its definitely genetics holy fuck yoga people need to pick up a science book for ONE day of their life.

  9. XxMonterreyRayadosxX says:

    Question: will the breathing thing help even when your doing regular crunches ?

  10. xenonce says:

    @trimotheromance – HA! yeah, well, at least when you laugh, it makes you breath out and the abs flex…. so, you’re still killing two birds with 1 stone. 😀 try not to let it screw up your routine, or just economize your effort, flex your abs harder while you laugh 😛

  11. xenonce says:

    @Marco8covarrubias – Actually, they do work for sure, BUT, i HIGHLY recommend googling this search term “disease proof protein powders” click on the first result and read it. It may change your mind about what you are drinking. it also may change your approach in your videos. good luck (in the long run)

  12. xenonce says:

    @jason854656 – absolutely. although i wouldnt eat chicken. fish every so often is ok. you gotta learn the latest about animal protein man. bad stuff in the long run if you live in a toxic area, like cities with smog. Check out the book The china Study. Anyway, I have been 100% vegan for a while now. I still look the same. so I know beans, seeds and nuts can fuel muscle recovery just fine. You just have to eat alot of veggies and grains! 🙂 and chew really good so it all breaks down

  13. Marco8covarrubias says:

    @jason854656 No problem, and glad to hear your motivated, motivation is important.

  14. jason854656 says:

    @Marco8covarrubias cool thanks man! i’m more motivated now ! yeah for sure i’ll check the channel out

  15. Marco8covarrubias says:

    @jason854656 I recently started drinking protein shakes, but just to gain mass, Just thought i’d let you know it is possible, i’ve had a six pack and pretty big biceps since 6th grade, and I ate what I wanted, usually I ate pretty healthy, but I did sometimes eat junk food when I got a craving, hope I helped, check out my videos.

  16. jason854656 says:

    hey i have an honest question, is it possible to achieve like a cut body without drinking protein shakes or anything like that, i really want to go all natural. My trainer he was ripped and had a great body but he took some stuff. i wanna get a healthy body but through natural protein, fish , chicken etc.

  17. trimotheromance says:

    When I breathe like that while doing abs workout I think of something funny then I laugh, it screws me up. =D I’ll try not to laugh next time.

  18. MrSmokeythedragon says:

    @xenonce aiight thanx for the bro appreciate it and will be sure to sub

  19. xenonce says:

    @MrSmokeythedragon – in a nutshell? increase metabolism, through cleaner diet & hydration and raising stamina, beyond that, stay tuned for videos on this at my new channel @vitalityadvocate. 😀

  20. xenonce says:

    @zufayri12 – thanks for the comment! more videos on the way (on my new channel @vitalityadvocate)

  21. xenonce says:

    @Reptil3NINJA – thanks for the comment! more videos on the way (on my new channel @vitalityadvocate)

  22. xenonce says:

    @daveowns3 – you just have to do movements that isolate and stress the other side. for my, my top two abs are very small, it’s just the way I conditioned them early on… pre-teen years. It’s hard to go back in time and reset body conditioning… but like i always tell people, the goal should be less about perfecting symmetry unless you are a pro, and more about leanness & performance. sex appeal is a side effect of those two for instance.

  23. xenonce says:

    @KhaiBanks – pitt? wow… erm thanks

  24. xenonce says:

    @MrSmokeythedragon – agree 100%

  25. xenonce says:

    @Danny4rb – honestly, the time it takes to get an 8 pack depends on how how much fat covers them, how strong you are, and how effective your routine is. the routine I use can be found on my channel, called “ultimate 6pack routine” check it out man 🙂

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