Fitness – Upper Body Workout: Biceps Exercise

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I just found this health related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

For more free fitness videos, workout routines and diet and exercise plans visit Zuzana’s free fitness site: www.BodyRock.Tv

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25 Responses to “Fitness – Upper Body Workout: Biceps Exercise”
  1. LastDays77 says:

    All natural?? Very impressive and very beautiful.

  2. qdjackson1 says:

    She looks phemomenal.

  3. TheFatMack says:

    her body is very sexy

  4. paytertje says:


  5. FatalBazuka says:

    imagine her going into a gym, lol when people are squatting theyd be breaking legs

  6. Antony777777 says:

    She is great but will she ever flex?

  7. mrlantern23 says:

    It’d be good if Avril worked out though. But I’d take her as she is however.

  8. yee6649 says:

    shes like avril lavigne ……

  9. Marlboro1337 says:

    hmm… sexy.

  10. ItalianStallionFX says:

    Nice vid

  11. weathered79 says:

    go zuzana start building some hurtin bombs

  12. aaronruble says:

    you are so hot

  13. michaej says:

    You ROCK, babe!

  14. Envy3x111 says:

    Im usually turned off by muscles on a girl but this is a huge exception

  15. kevin05 says:

    beautiful, European, sexy muscle, good personality, what more could you want.

  16. Jed9133 says:

    shes like avril lavigne with muscles…

  17. Linkokahn says:

    ohh yeah she is so hot^^

  18. NYCrazyRob says:

    My next quest will be to get better definition in my arms like Zuzana’s got.

  19. echse787 says:

    Wow, girl, I love your sexy biceps!! Keep working them!

  20. Charly255 says:

    As always, that’s a very nice exercise video. It is obvious from your older videos that your body has changed a lot. You look absolutely fabulous, and you are an inspiration for others who want to get in shape, too. Keep up the good work!

  21. gacija says:

    dream came true

  22. jinraiden1 says:

    My dream girl

  23. icandieicon says:

    damn you got some muscles girl!!

  24. whittakers23 says:

    Great Video!!!Body is looking great Zuzana

  25. loveyourposture says:

    so beautiful and talented

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